More gadgets from CES and the future of the Gadgetocast

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Making decisions with things that matter to you is very complicated. But the time has come to do it with this podcast.

I have published over 100 episodes of the Gadgetocast, I enjoy recording each episode and sharing gadgets with you, but you have to prioritize. In 2021 I made the decision to undertake and set it up on my own as a newsletter consultant. I am clear that this is my focus. I am very lucky to be able to choose and design my life but this podcast is part of my hobby as a side project.

That is why I have made the decision to pause the publication of new episodes. BUT the newsletter continues to be sent every Sunday. So if you want to receive more doses of gadgets in your email, sign up now.

As I was saying, in this “farewell” episode, until further notice, I return to the topic of CES 2022 gadgets to do a second part and share some more that I found interesting.

Available in:

The products mentioned in this episode are:

– Movano biometric ring:

– Razer Haptic Chair:

– Owo Haptic Vest:

– Tali motorcycle helmet:

See you soon 👋!

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