Milanese Day: Why is it celebrated?

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As is the case with several traditional dishes, which we inherited from other cultures thanks to the immigrants who arrived in our country, the milanese does not have an accurate origin and there are different theories that try to appropriate his birth.

Many will think that it is a typical Argentine dish, however, it is far from it. There are versions that assure that the milanese is originally from Vienna, Austria, where they call it wiener schnitzel. Instead, others believe that its history began in Milanwhere in homage to the name of the city, they baptized it as cotoletta alla milanese.

On the other hand, there are versions that suggest that the milanese was actually introduced in the aforementioned Italian city by the pilgrims who arrived. In fact, the battering of the meat was the way in which they could best preserve it.

In short, it is not clear where this preparation came from, which became a passion for the multitudes. The truth is that he won the hearts of Argentines so much that, in 2011, a group of Milanese lovers made a move on social networks to choose a date such as Milanesa Day. The result? After great support, May 3 was chosen as a special anniversary for all Milanese consumers.

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