Mendoza: used his son’s communications notebook to denounce gender violence

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“Sir, I know I can count on you, I need your help and when you read this note, please send the police to my house, my partner beats me and I don’t have a cell phone, his name is, (add the name of his aggressor )” is the note the victim wrote in her son’s notebook.

The fact, which became known in the last few hours, occurred yesterday afternoon, when the boy entered the school and handed the communication notebook to the teacher who held the boy.

In this context, the teacher, after reading the note, notified the school authorities and they activated the protocol established by the General Directorate of Schools (DGE) and in turn filed the corresponding police report.

A Mendoza police cell phone went to the victim’s house and when they entered they found the woman locked in the bathroom of the house and after an interview she said that “her partner has kept her incommunicado for four months and she suffered blows and verbal abuse.

With the victim’s statement, the police apprehended the couple who were brought to justice and it is expected that in the next few hours they will be informed of the crime they are accused of.

It is not the first time that a case like this has occurred in Mendoza. In June of last year, a woman also used the communication notebook of her 7-year-old daughter to ask for help and thus she managed to be rescued from her house in the town of La Arboleda. “I need help, I am a victim of gender violence, my husband won’t let me go, call the police,” the woman wrote.

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