McDonalds Monopoly 2022 is coming

We have a summer edition of the classic McDonald’s monopoly more than 2 million prizes among which there are discounts, products, trips, cars and much more.

To do this you only have to enjoy the promotional menus that include a label of monopoly.

This tag can be a direct award (discount, game codes, merchandising…) or they can be a street/station that you should go to collecting to get prizes.

You will find these labels in:

Large McMenu with 0.5L large drink includes 2 labelsSignature Menu with 0.5L large drink includes 2 labelsMcMedium Menu with 0.4L medium drink includes 1 labelSalad Menu with 0.4L large drink includes 1 labelMcFlurry includes 1 label

So to speak, you will find 3 types of labels:

Direct gift labels that you will instantly know what the prize is. Labels to participate in the draws of the MyMcDonalds App. Group labels which have an associated prize and a color, but a group of two or three equal labels is required in order to redeem the prize.

As I was saying, there are more than 2 million prizes that you can get with each of these promotional menus, go to the website if you want to take a look at all monopoly mcdonalds prizes among which you will find:

Instant prizes of discounts of 10%, 15%, 30% in stores and services such as FlixBus, Wonderbox, Back Market, etc. Instant prizes such as cars, Coca-Cola trips, Gaming product kits, etc. McDonald’s instant prizes such as Big Mac , 4 McNuggets, 9 Chicken McBites, etc. Prizes with groups of labels such as Coca-cola trips, gaming product kits, televisions, etc.

How do I enter the McDonalds giveaway?

Buy one of the promotional menus If you get a game tag in the App, download the MyMcDonalds application to Android either iOS.If you get a direct award label or want to register it on the web, Enter in the McDonald’s Summer Monopoly.Register or log in to the webEnter the code of your label

Take part

You can participate in this promotion until August 29 from 2022

It depends on the prize that you have won, check the details very well so that you can redeem them correctly in the Legal Bases.

Good luck and play!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETCategory:Sweepstakes by purchase
(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: More than 1 million prizes Link:The McDonalds monopoly returns with more than 2 million prizes Mechanics:Buy one of the promotional menus, download the MyMcDonalds application, enter the McDonalds Monopoly draw website and register or log in to the website and registerBasesLinkTime:3 Minutes + Purchase Time

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