Martini gives away up to 43 Alcohol Free bottles per

Share your favorite non-alcoholic beverages and you could instantly win one of the 43 Martini Bottles that they give away every day.

Non-Alcoholic Martini It is a delicious alternative to your usual snack.

In these times where you bet on a healthier and more responsible life, there is no reason to stay with the desire to drink an aperitif when meeting friends at the end of the afternoon.

The spectrum Alcohol-Free Martini Aperitivo does not compromise on taste and is made of: Vibrant Alcohol-Free Martini and Floreale Alcohol-Free Martini.

They contain 0.5% alcohol by volume, the maximum allowed by law.

They are made by slowly removing the alcohol from the wine, thus preserving the authentic flavor in every drop.

Subsequently, aromas of the same botanicals of the Classic Martini are added that give them that great flavor.

How do I participate in the Martini raffle?

Take part

To the instant you will know if you have won.

You have time until March 31st of 2022.

Good luck!

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