March in CABA for the prohibition of inclusive language

After the decision of the Government of the Buenos aires city to ban the use of inclusive language in the classroom, different social, feminist and human rights organizations will march tomorrow towards the Ministry of Education Buenos Aires The claim will be against Soledad Acuña’s measure and for “the censorship, hatred and persecution” that it implies.

The call is from 5:00 p.m. Paseo Colon 255 and will carry forward the motto “We go out into the streets with ‘E’ for Education”. There, the repudiation of the resolution of the Buenos Aires Government for “promoting the symbolic disappearance of our identities” will be manifested.

At the same time, the demonstration will take place, according to Télam, because “in the face of the violent and disciplinary advance of (the Minister of Education, Soledad) Acuña and (of the head of government, Horacio Rodríguez) Larreta on our rights, the way out is collective” .

In turn, the owner of the INADI, Victoria Dondareceived a group of teachers from the Union of Education Workers (UTE)who expressed feeling affected by the decision of the Government of the Buenos aires city. In that sense, they stated that Acuña’s decision “deploys new forms of violence against the LGBTIQ+ collective.”

By Geeke