March 15: 27 years after the death of Carlos Menem Junior

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March 15, 1995 was a day of much commotion and a national tragedy with the death of Carlos Menem Jr., 26 years old. The young pilot and son of the then President of the Nation, entered the Hospital of San Nicolás dying from a helicopter accident.

From the beginning and with the investigation by the prosecutor of the case and then the judge of the same, it was said that it was a plane crash due to the carelessness of Carlos Jr., who was piloting the helicopter together with Silvio Oltra, another pilot. However, his mother, Zulema Yoma, never accepted that hypothesis.

At that time, the first suspicions about the investigation arose from the scrapping of the helicopter after the crash occurred, added to the tragic fate suffered by experts and witnesses in the case.

Based on the lawyers’ account and some of the evidence presented regarding the security guards, the press began to call the case “The Third Attack”, in reference to the attacks on the Israeli Embassy (1992) and the AMIA (1994).

The case was filed in 1998, since the judge considered that the accident occurred after the helicopter collided with the high-voltage cables, but his mother was never satisfied with the resolution and signed up for dealings linked to drug trafficking and settling accounts that They were never confirmed.

In 2010, Zulema Yoma filed a complaint with the #IACHR and managed to carry out both new skills, including some ballistics, as well as a new autopsy by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, but the response always remained the same, 27 years after the case.

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