Marcela Tauro and a difficult family moment

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Marcela Taurus She had to suspend her multiple activities to accompany her son’s father, who suffered a serious motorcycle accident and had to be hospitalized.

The father of 11-year-old Juan Cruz is admitted to the Municipal Trauma and Emergency Hospital Dr. Federico Abete, in the town of Pablo Nogués, where he was referred after the accident.

The Police contacted Álvarez’s relatives to notify them of this episode and give them details of his state of health.

Jose Maria Alvarez, had to undergo emergency surgery this morning, due to a hemorrhage and they removed his spleen. His condition is reserved and so far he is in intensive care

Although the journalist has been separated from the businessman for almost 14 years, she maintains an excellent bond with the father of her son.

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For this reason, Taurus suspended his activities today to accompany his ex-partner. However, the journalist aired on Intruders and gave more details of the situation: “He has a little hypertension but stable”, reported.

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