Main suspect in New York subway shooting arrested

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The main suspect in the shooting that occurred yesterday on the subway in Brooklyn, New York, which left 29 injured, was arrested by the police when he was walking down a street in Manhattan.

The alleged assailant is Frank James, a 62-year-old man, who was identified by security cameras as being responsible for activating two smoke grenades as the train approached the 36th Street station in Brooklyn. Later, he fired 33 shots at the passengers.

James was stopped walking down a Manhattan street, New York Police Chief Keechant Sewell said. The arrest was uneventful and the man will be charged in Tuesday’s shooting, which left 10 gunshot wounds and 29 people hospitalized in total.

Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly.

“My fellow New Yorkers, we have it. We have it,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said during the news conference. “I cannot thank the men and women of the New York City Police Department enough. As well as federal agents and our state police and first responders, from 911 operators to various state and medical professionals, we have it,” the official added.

Brooklyn District Attorney Breon Peace said the suspect will be charged in federal court and, if convicted, could face life in prison.

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