Looking for testers for Nespresso Vertuo

The campaign returns Sampling in which you can try the coffee machine with a super discount NespressoVertuo.

If you are a coffee lover you can apply for try the Nespresso Vertuo coffee machines with intelligent extraction system.

Note: If you are selected, they will give you a €90 gift to buy coffee in exchange for buying the machine, valued at €99.

Its new technology centrifugation is the union of the centrifugal force and the infusion during the coffee making process, which guarantees a coffee with much more cream.

Its One-Touch system, capsule reader, instantly recognizes each capsule and set the parameters of preparation.

Nespresso Vertuo adapts to consumer tastes. It is very versatile in terms of the size of the cups.

There are five sizes:

Espresso (40 ml), Double Espresso (80 ml), Gran Lungo (150 ml), Mug (230 ml) and Carafe (535 ml).

How do I sign up for the Sampleo campaign?

sign me up

Sampling will review the answers and if your profile matches the one they are looking for, you will receive this product at home so you can try it for free.

They will ask you in return to talk about the brand with friends and family.

Also that you publish photos of the product on social networks.

By signing up for the Sampleo campaign you will get a €70 gift code to buy Nespresso coffee when buying a Nespresso Next machine on Amazon at €79.

Good luck!

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