Lollapalooza Argentina 2022: everything you need to know

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This week starts the 2022 edition of the Lollapalooza Argentina. Therefore, we bring you everything you need to know to go.


Those over 13 years of age who attend the seventh edition of Lollapalooza Argentina must have the Free Covid Pass with complete vaccination schedule. This refers to at least two doses applied, having received the last dose 14 days or more, prior to the start of the festival.
This also applies to cases of single-dose vaccines, such as the CanSino vaccine, after 14 days or more have elapsed since its application.


It is suggested to use a chin Avoid the areas of greatest concentration. We recommend hydrating throughout the day. If they come in a group, designate a meeting point within the premises. Take care of personal belongings and keep the areas used clean. In an emergency, contact police or security personnel.


Train Miter (Branch Tigre) – San Isidro Station: Trenes Argentinos and the Ministry of Transport will offer the night services of the Miter train from San Isidro to Retiro, with one or more intermediate stops. The additional formations would begin to circulate after the end of the festival. *Information subject to change. Any update will be communicated through the official social networks of Lollapalooza Argentina.
Collectives: The services of the bus lines near the Hippodrome and surroundings will be reinforced. The bus lines that circulate around the San Isidro Hippodrome are 60, 203, 333, 343, 365, 371, 338 and 707
Private vehicles: work will be carried out in conjunction with the traffic agents arranged by the municipality of San Isidro to order the circulation of private vehicles, giving fluidity to traffic at the main intersections, ensuring that pedestrian crossings are safe and informing users of the options for her return. There will also be control for improper parking and double-queue detention, in order to avoid delays at the main entrances.
Parking: Corner Av. Santa Fe and Av. De Unidad Nacional.
Parking: Corner Av. Márquez and Fleming.
*Both parking lots have income for people with disabilities
Inside the General Parking lot located at the corner of Av. Santa Fe and Av. De Unidad Nacional there will be a free parking for bicycles (each spectator must bring their own chain to hold their bicycle).
*The company is not responsible for breakage, loss, misplacement, damage, etc. regarding the bicycle that they leave in that place. The spectator who attends with a bicycle assumes full responsibility for its safety.


Alcohol gel or 70% alcohol in containers up to 200 ml. Chinstraps COVID protocol face masks. Small bags, fanny packs or backpacks with a single compartment Bottles or plastic cylinders to hydrate (completely empty) Cell phones Ear plugs Hats, caps and sunglasses Perfumes up to 100 ml. Telescopes Small digital cameras with a fixed lens Makeup powder Feminine products Medications under prescription (present prescription with DNI) Small lighters Ointment / lip balm Chewing gum Sunscreen in any of its containers Small deodorants Small blankets or tarps (not advertising) Insect repellent small insects Waterproof Rain Coats Rechargeable Battery Baby Strollers


Gel alcohol or 70% alcohol in containers larger than 200 ml. Weapons of any kind, including fireworks, explosives of any kind or sharp objects Computers Thermos with hot liquid / Mate Flags with sticks Any illegal or flammable substance Any type of drug Food or drinks outside the event Rays or laser pointers Bright lights or large Backpacks (hiking backpacks, etc.) Tents, chairs of any kind Skateboards, hover-boards, skateboards, scooters, personal motorized vehicles of any kind Drones or aerial vehicles Water guns or any other similar Musical instruments Compressed air horns and/or or of any kind Pens or can paint Advertising (flyers, posters, etc…) Long or spiked chains Balls Stuffed animals Professional photography, audio and video equipment. Lenses, Zoom, Tripods or other equipment Alcoholic and/or energy drinks Coolers Pets, except service dogs *Umbrellas of all sizes will be retained at the entrance for later return. Control policies: before entering the premises all the people who attend will be reviewed by the security personnel. Your belongings are subject to being searched both upon arrival and departure. The entry of drugs and weapons is totally prohibited.


In order to enter the festival, the public must previously exchange their purchase ticket for the bracelet that will give them access to the San Isidro Racecourse. Without the bracelet you will not be able to enter.
Lollapalooza opens its doors at 11:30 a.m. and will have three entrances:

Access 1: Corner Av. Santa Fe and Av. Márquez. Access 2: Av. Márquez 900, Paddock entrance of the Hippodrome Access 3: Av. Márquez, Official entrance of the Hippodrome


Those people who have a certificate of disability, inside the venue, in the area of ​​each stage there will be a platform to be able to observe the shows. There is no limited space.
To enter, they will be able to do so through Av. Márquez at 900 (Paddock entrance to the Hippodrome).


Those who have already purchased their tickets, can withdraw them until March 17 inclusive at:

Dot Baires Shopping (Vedia 3626 – Floor 2 – Local 35) All Access ticket office located in La Rural (Av. Santa Fe 4201, in front of Plaza Italia)

The requirements to remove the seals are:

DNI Card with which the purchase was made Voucher sent to your email after making the purchase

The bracelets will be delivered in an envelope, which will include two instructions inside explaining its operation. On the other hand, if the person who acquired the accesses cannot withdraw them, a third party may go in their place with prior authorization, whose steps will be specified at

If the person has requested the sending of the ticket, it will begin to be managed according to the order in which the purchases were made.

Once the person has the bracelet in their hands, they can use LollaCashless, the system that allows the attending public to load money into the bracelet to buy gastronomic products and merchandising at the festival.


lollacashless is the system that allows you to load money on the bracelet, acquire gastronomic products and buy merchandising at the festival.

It is the only means of payment enabled within the property. We recommend loading money online before attending at to avoid lines and get the most out of the Lollapalooza experience.

If the person could not load credit through the web, they can do it at the authorized points that are inside the property, where the bracelets can be loaded with cash and credit card. The charging stations can be easily found in the marked sectors of the property.


Once the festival is over, from March 28 to April 29, the person will have time to request a refund of the balance: If you loaded money with a credit card before the festival, you can request a refund by going to If you loaded money in cash or with a credit card on the premises, you can request a refund at the same posts where you made the load. After the end of the event, refunds will be made at the Allaccess ticket office in La Rural, from March 28 to April 29. In order to receive the money, it is essential to present the bracelet together with the DNI and proof of purchase. If any of these documents are missing, the money will not be returned.

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