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Are looking for software for Logitech m570? most of us don’t what is Logitech m570 software for Windows 10. Today, you will learn what software should install for this mouse. Hey, guys welcome to another fresh topic of Logitech m570 driver, today I am going to tell you about how you can install Logitech trackball m570 driver for Windows 10 and Mac. I recommened my reader to download a software from the official logitech website. This mouse is made by Logitech and I’m going to first review it, and next, I will guide you on how you can update Logitech wireless trackball m570 driver.  

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What is the M570 mouse?

It looks Logitech m570 not good or bad just kind of there you have a total of 5 buttons with your normal left and right-click with the scroll button in between toward the upper left card.

The on and off switch just next to that the material on this mouse is all plastic and it is a thin type plastic these types of mice are super helpful for anyone that has little to no mobility from their shoulder down.

Logitech M570 features

Whether Logitech m570 was broken strained you’ll be able to go ahead and use this trackball which is great it does have the unifying symbol on it. Which means you can use any USB having that Logitech symbol there.

Moreover, you can connect it from your computer to your mouse this mouse will work on Windows 10 Mac OS and Chrome OS.  You’ll need one double a battery to have this work.

The official Logitech website claims that the one double a battery will live for 18 months.

 The mouse weighs in at 5.01 ounces or 143 grams that include the double-o battery in there. You can only connect to your computer via USB wireless link.

Logitech m570 technical details

Brand Logitech
Model name Logitech M570
Item Height 9.5 cm
Item Width 45 cm
Item Weight 141 g
Bluetooth Yes
Batteries: 1
Wireless Yes
Wireless Type 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11abg
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
Voltage 100 Volts
Wattage 100
Hardware Platform Wireless
Operating System Windows 10, Mac and Linux
Lithium Battery Energy Content 20 Watt-Hours
Battery status Through software
Lithium battery Weight 100 Grams
Software Logitech gaming software
Included Components Trackball, Logitech® Unifying receiver, 1 AA battery, and User manual

About driver and software

Before going install its software, you must know what is Logitech m570 software? The Logitech m570 software is Logitech setpoint. The setpoint allows you to configure the m570 mouse. Without this software, this mouse will act like a normal mouse. Now you know that the trackball mouse programmable buttons can be customized through Logitech Setpoint software.

Logitech m570 setoint

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