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On this page, you will see how I downloaded and installed Logitech G203 mouse software on Windows 10 PC. During unboxing the mouse I didn’t receive any driver. Then, I read the user manual and started online research after that I came to know that Logitech gaming software is compatible with the Logitech G203 mouse. It has 6 programmable buttons; you can add commands to all buttons with the gaming software. At the bottom, I have attached the download link of the software and this link redirects to the official Logitech website. I request my user that whatever software you want to download for Logitech gadgets, do it from the logistic website itself. Also, I will try to guide you on how you can update Logitech G203 software automatically. 

Logitech g203 software
Logitech g203 software

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Logitech G203 overview

Logitech has updated G203  Lightsync ($39.99) to G203 Prodigy with RGB customization. If you are looking for a lightweight gaming mouse, then, the G203 is one of the best presents in the market.

The Prodigy gaming mouse comes with a bucket of amazing features. Every gamer wishes to have the best out of the various options available in the market and you can buy the Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse is the best available among the other featured gaming mouse.

It comes with an amazing design with comfortable gripping edges with great tracking capability during the show. If you compare Logitech G203 with other Logitech’s gaming mice, then Logitech G203 gaming mouse is the most magnificent one in terms of performance and architecture.

Here, you will find a brief idea about the pros & cons of the Logitech G203 gaming mouse which will fill the gap in between your choices to buy a gaming mouse.

Logitech g203 Prodigy gaming mouse features 

In the era of computer games, gaming accessories play a key role among all other electronic devices. So, before downloading Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse compatible software, you must have a brief idea about its amazing features. Comparing with the other Logitech’s gaming mice, the Logitech prodigy is the most magnificent one in terms of performance and architecture.

Logitech G203 is one of the most powerful gaming mice when it comes to technical specs. It is considered to be a top-level gaming mouse since it was launched.

Here, we have enlisted some of the marking features of Logitech G203 gaming mouse:

  1. With its 100Hz signal, it can generate an input instantly.
  2. The G203 is equipped with the newest and highest resolution Optical Sensor Technology used by every gaming mouse, which provides sharper images with every movement, and precise tracking.
  3. It has an all-new sensor with an even higher resolution than before.
  4. Also, the latest version has a DPI rating that is much higher than the G502 hero.
  5. The G203 has an optical sensor, which makes it easier to move the point to the desired target.
  6. The LED technology that it uses is also outstanding which can be customized by gaming software.
  7. The G203 is a highly customizable gaming mouse. There are so many configuration settings to be adjusted that any gamer can change them according to their preference.
  8. You can program it for different gaming environments, and you can even program it to one or two profiles. It will allow you to have the same set of settings for any game you play
  9. Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse has been featured with a game-grade sensor of 200 to 8,000 DPI range. This sensor has an amazing tracking feature which is mostly required for any gamer. You can even control its speed according to the games.
  10. This gaming mouse is eight times faster than any normal mouse with a rate of 1,000 per second. This proves that whenever you click or move the mouse, there will be an instant response on the screen.
  11. Logitech F203 gaming mouse is equipped with six programmable buttons that can be customized with the gamer’s command. With the help of software, these commands are configured in these programmable buttons.
  12. It has mechanical button tensioning which mainly focuses on the metal springs keeping right and left click buttons primed with less force.
  13. Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse has been engineered differently with its durability, lightweight, and comfort. It has an amazing design of RGB lightning with a Logitech Logo.
  14.  It has an in-built memory where you can set up a profile with the help of gaming software. Due to this, you can easily set the gaming mouse to another PC without installing any driver.

the perfect gaming experience, you should get the Logitech G203.

Pros & Cons of Logitech G203

Concerning the pros that come with the best Logitech G203 will be listed as below followed by the cons against the features of Logitech G203.


  1. Logitech G203 prodigy gaming mouse presents you with an amazing lightweight mouse along with the finest durability. It weighs nearly 85 grams and comes in a small design of 12 cm which adds feather to the hat of Logitech G203.
  2. This gaming mouse comes with a game graded sensor along with a High range of 200-8,000 DPI for better performance. The speed of the mouse pointer can be easily controlled by Logitech gaming software.
  3. It has great compatibility with both the OS likely Windows & MAC-OS. As per reference, Logitech G-HUB is the only software that helps to work with the Logitech G203 gaming mouse with both the OS compatible with your device.
  4. Logitech G203 prodigy gaming mouse comes at a very reasonable price which can be afforded by every gamer for playing games with an incredible experience. You may get amazed after buying this product at such a less price from any online site. If you are a lucky one, then it can be available at an offer price.
  5. Logitech F203 gaming mouse has six programmable buttons that can be customized with the gamer’s command. Besides this, it has RGB lighting with Logitech’s Logo on the mouse.


  1. As we have discussed its small size, so it becomes difficult to hold in a good grip with large hands during the play.
  2. Secondly, apart from its incredible design, there are no thumb buttons for left-handed gamers.
  3. This gaming mouse has been featured without a braided cord.

Mouse specifications 


Height: 116.6 mm

Width: 62.15 mm

Depth: 38.2 mm

Weight: 85 g mouse only

Cable length: 2.10 m


Resolution: 200 -8,000 dpi

Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering

Max. acceleration:>25 G2Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad

Max. speed: >200IPS3Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad


USB data format: 16bits/axis

USB report rate: 1000Hz (1ms)

Microprocessor: 32-bit


While playing the medal of honor with the G203 prodigy, it amazed me with its speed and smoothness. About the performance of Logitech G203, you can have the best-wired mouse with 8 times faster than any other mouse. Thus, you will have the action in a fraction of milliseconds on the screen of your device. Besides this, it has a wide range of DPI (200 to 8,000) which is used to customize the settings required for gaming, amazing!

How to use Logitech G203 mouse?

Being a wired mouse, you need to plug the USB of the mouse into your device. It will immediately start working. For better working, you need to download Logitech G-HUB from Logitech’s official site where you can customize the settings easily for a better gaming experience. Thus, ending with the most amazing key points that may help you with an idea after buying this product.

What is Logitech G203 prodigy software?

As I said earlier, with the G203 Logitech mouse software, I was able to program all the mouse buttons perfectly for any game. This mouse is compatible with G hub and Logitech gaming mouse and can be programmed through G hub. You can do more with this mouse such as DPI settings, game profile edit, set a G-Shift button, RGB, Polling Rate adjustment, and much more. This mouse has onboard memory, it’s beneficial that whatever settings you make through this software, if you want to run it on another computer later, then you do not need to install the software again.

The process to download Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming software

Are you wondering, what gaming software required to download for better performance of Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse? Here, you need mouse Logitech g203 software and for that, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First, visit https://support.logi.com/ from the browser.
  2. Enter it and you will find an option to download the “Logitech gaming software“.
  3. You will need to choose the operating system and the version you want to install the software in.
  4. Click on the download option and it will automatically start downloading.
  5. You will be able to see the progress in the downloads bar.
  6. It hardly takes up time and will be done in a flash.
  7. You will be able to find the setup file in your downloads folder.
Logitech gaming software G203
Logitech gaming software G203

Install Logitech g203 software in Windows 10

As I said, earlier both Logitech gaming software and Ghub software are compatible with the G203 mouse. Here, I am going to show you how you can install Logitech gaming software for this mouse.

  1. You need to download the Logitech gaming software by choosing the right OS and the version as mentioned above.
  2. Below is the process to download Logitech gaming software for this mouse.
  3. After downloading the software for Windows 10, you need to run the setup file by double-clicking it and choosing the run option.
  4. Once you do this you will get a page asking you to agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Once you agree, you will be asked the location where you want to install the software.
  6. After choosing the location, all you need to do is click on the install option.
  7. The software will take a few minutes to get installed.
  8. Once the installation is complete click the finish option and you are all done.

Logitech g203 how to change color: settings

  1. Open the software
  2. Click on the bulb icon.
  3. You will see the lighting settings.
  4. Here, you can adjust the Lighting effect and brightness and Lighting sleep timer as well.
Logitech G203 color settings
color settings

Logitech G203 how to change DPI

  1. Open the software.
  2. Once, it detects the mouse.
  3. Click on the mouse icon, you will be redirected to pointer settings.
  4. Here, you can change DPI sensitivity levels.
Logitech G203 DPI settings
Logitech G203 DPI settings

Logitech G203 software not working in Windows 10

As per many gamer’s valuable feedback, the Logitech G203 mouse is facing some problems with Windows 10.  If your g203 mouse not recognized, not working, lagging in Windows 10 then, updating the driver and software might help you to get rid of this problem. There are many driver updater software out there, but, the IObit driver booster pro is the most popular and one of the best driver updater software. It has a 200% larger database to update 1,000,000+ drivers and Fix your device errors for a safer PC.  This software scans your PC and updates all outdated drivers present on your PC.

01. Download the IObit driver booster pro

02. Install the software.

03. Now, this software lists all the outdated drivers present on your PC.

04. Find the driver you want to update, click on update.

05. That’s it

FAQ’s related to Logitech G203

Q1: What software for Logitech g203?

Ans: Logitech gaming software and Ghub software both are compatible with the G203 gaming mouse.

Q2: What is the Logitech g203 DPI range?

Ans: The mouse DPI ranges 200 to 8,000 DPI delivering incredible accuracy, tracking speed, and consistency.

Q3: Does Logitech g203 have acceleration?

Ans: Yes, Max. acceleration: >25 G2 Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad.

Q4: Does Logitech G203 offer DPI shifting?

Ans: Yes, it lets you toggle between two sensitivity settings with a click.

Software download links

Logitech G203 software (Logitech gaming software) driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32bit / 64bit) & MAC OS

Logitech G203 software (G hub) driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32bit / 64bit) and MAC OS

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