LLA: we chat with Eduardo Cazares, the Product Manager of Riot Games

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During this weekend, Tecnópolis will host the grand finale of the LLA where Estral and Team AZE They will leave everything to be the new champion of the league.

This final has the special seasoning that whoever wins will be crowned champion for the first time.

Filo.News: How did you see this start of the year for the League?

Eduardo Cazares: I really liked that the change in format has made the teams show a different performance in the playoffs than in the series. It’s better that way. Also, I liked that several matches went until the last game and did not give good surprises.

If you checked the Power Rankings at the beginning of the league and then you took a photo on the third day and on the sixth day, there were movements, so it was shown that how you arrive prepared for the stage is very important, that your players are connected, it is very important and that the distance between teams can sometimes be greatly reduced. And also the game showed you that there are real options to make legendary comebacks, to overcome a tremendous gold difference and that I feel that as I was telling you about the playoffs, that the finalist teams now come from a series of several best to five, the They put a competitive inertia at a good pace to be at the top of the level.

Filo.News: Did the current finalists surprise you?

Eduardo Cazares: Well, if you put at the beginning of the season several members of the community, the press or people who are very involved with them, maybe some with estrous They would have put you first. The way of estrous had some ups and downs, but I think in the case of AZE perhaps not many would have bet at the beginning of the League that it would arrive, especially because of the brave bet they made to renew the roster for being a team recently promoted from the national regional leagues and for being a team that maybe I can say that they have outdone themselves according to what they would have thought in their first split, which is very exciting because you have two teams that have never been LLA champions. That means that the League will have yes or yes a new champion.

Filo.News: How did the idea of ​​bringing the final to Argentina and in person come about after two years of covid?

Eduardo Cazares: We left being at home taking care of our health but we have this great, great, great motivation to return to face-to-face events.

Those who already have a lot of experience know that these types of events are the ones that end up underpinning the eSports experience, because it is an experience to see the players live, so many people sharing the same passion. So that happened. We said we can go back to face-to-face, we knew there were risks, for example, we had Omicron in January. Nobody gives you the certainty that a new variant will now be presented in February or March and that then you would have to make a change of plans. In any case, we have done everything possible for a long time to support and as you say, Argentina is recognized, there is a lot of community here, there are a lot of fans, so if you come back and come back with everything, you offer the best you have, what is the best? The League Final. So we hope that that will resonate with the Argentine fans and that they will be very happy to attend.

Filo.News: Is there any change coming for the second split?

Eduardo Cazares: In the end we always do the count from split to split, we listen and see how well what we have planned worked. It is always under discussion that it can be improved at different points at the production level, at the location level, at the content level, at the competitive format level, etc.

At least the format is not in plans, in the short term, to make a change. We liked how it worked and we think it can give us the necessary inertia at this point. For example for the MSI and thinking more in the future that we are going to receive the Play in of the WORLDS in Mexico City. Surely we will pivot some things out there, but the goal is to mature and continue. Give continuity to the plans of the League this year.

Filo.News: What is the previous preparation at the organization level and what level of reception is expected for the Play ins?

Eduardo Cazares: Already in the communities we are beginning to hear, let’s cosplay, let’s go to this monument, let’s go to this place, let’s start creating hype. I think that the community just after this period of Covid, where face-to-face things were stopped, can expect this year to be spectacular.
So a lot of expectation is already being generated, a lot of hype is being generated and we believe that the simple fact of being a host that had never happened in the history of eSports and that Latin America is seen as a starting point for this American tour of the finals, can create a lot of emotion.

Filo.News: How do you manage to put the public as the central axis of the product?

Eduardo Cazares: You’ll see it on Saturday in the final. Let’s say the experience, everything audiovisual. For the final in Mexico, for example, a sponsor organizes a viewing party together with us where you can go with your family and friends to experience it in a restaurant. In this case, the final is configured thinking about who is going to be watching both the stage and in a restaurant, or with friends, or with your friends on Discord, in any of those places you will find something specific.

When you talk, for example, about the league on a regular basis, although we returned to Face-to-Face, we did so without being fully open to the public yet. We have an esports arena in Mexico, so it is always in our plans and on our radar to detect when and how to make the public come back, that is another way in which you serve the public. That is to say, although we have the official transmission, there are many other variants of narrating, of relating, of inviting people, we can do that with allies, with streamers, each one has their special touch. So to offer the audience a palette of possibilities so that they can enjoy the broadcast from the point of view or in the way they like the most.

Filo.News: What future plans are there in Argentina?

Eduardo Cazares: Yes. Let us also remember that here we have the National League, one of the most important leagues, where the protagonists of the Argentine National League become protagonists of the delegation promotion process and where historically, for example, if we look at the history of the League years ago, teams like Isurus, like Furious, etc. They’ve made as much of an impact, so what are the plans? It is precisely to remain close to the Argentine League, even getting a little closer so that the contents and stories of the local league are also known throughout Latin America, so that this natural step from regional leagues and national leagues to the LLA is very easy. to digest for the audience and find that new talent, that Argentine organizations can seek, attract and begin to mature in their teams. Just as today we have a team in the final that presents us with stories of players who come from national leagues, why not think of the same for a team from Argentina?

Filo.News: What plans exist for the next 5 years?

Eduardo Cazares: We recently announced a plan last year, a contract with a partner for the regional leagues and with a duration of three years.

Let’s say that in this near, intermediate future, what we want to do is mature and grow the competitive scene of regionals. Let’s remember that one of the main objectives of these leagues is to be a hotbed of talent, it is to carry out this process of scouting for national leagues, in university leagues, in local competitive leagues in order to create.

We believe that Latin talent, and we have already shown it with other products, has the possibility of competing at the highest level in the world. So the plans are to make it easier for players who decide to make this a profession, to have a path to be able to reach the highest level of the league.

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