You might have heard about NFT in recent times but it has been a popular word for more than a few decades now. NFT popularly known as non fungible tokens gained a lot of attraction from people all across the world because of how it changed the crypto trends all together. But there is also a non-serious connotation attached to NFTs. NFT has been used in conversations and text messages to say goodbye in a very casual and an informal tone. This might come as a shock to you but to actually find out what NFT means in slang, keep reading the article given below. 

What Are Non Fungible Tokens(NFT)?

To put it simply, non fungible tokens refers to all digital and physical assets that are different from each other based on their unique features and qualities. NFTs are assets on blockchain that hold great value and are not interchangeable. This means that NFTs can not be exchanged for equivalent amounts like cryptocurrencies. 

What Counts As Non Fungible Token? 

Anything that can be used to represent digital assets like fine art, real estate, collectibles, etc are all examples of non fungible tokens. NFTs provide individuals with rights and authenticity to own their assets digitally. This in no way means that you can’t copy or share the NFTs but it does provide a lot of security to the NFT owners. 

Why Are NFTs Vital?

Cryptocurrency’s seemingly simple concept has grown into non-fungible tokens. For a range of asset classes, such as lending agreements, etc offer complex lending and trading platforms, such as meta profit. NFTs provide digital representations of physical assets, which is a step toward the reinvention of this infrastructure.


Both the idea of a unique identity and the idea of digital representations of actual objects are not new. But these concepts become a powerful force for change when combined with the benefits of a smart contract blockchain that is immune to manipulation. Without the need for agents, NFTs that represent tangible or digital works of art on a blockchain enabled artists to communicate with their audiences directly. They can also make company procedures better.

NFTs in the Physical and Digital Worlds

Through the fractionalization of tangible assets like real estate, NFTs can also democratize investing. In comparison to a physical asset, a digital real estate asset can be shared among many owners more easily. Real estate need not be the only asset class covered by this philosophy of tokenization; other assets like works of art might also fall under it. Therefore, a painting doesn’t always need to belong to just one person. There could be many owners of the digital version, each in charge of a certain area of the painting. These arrangements might increase its worth and income.


The most fascinating opportunity for NFTs is the growth of new markets and investment opportunities. Imagine a piece of land that has been divided into a number of distinct portions, each having their own special characteristics and types of property. A neighborhood, an entertainment facility, and a close-by beach could all be considered as parts of the same division. By adding pertinent metadata into each individual NFT, the complicated and bureaucratic process of real estate trading can be made simpler. Just like using robo advisors like Meta Profit has made trading easier for individuals, adding advanced features to NFTs is going to boost NFTs population all around the globe. 


This idea has already been put into practise by Decentraland, a virtual reality platform running on the Ethereum blockchain. As NFTs develop and become more integrated into the financial system, the concept of tokenized land parcels (changing in value and location) may be implemented in the real world.

NFT Meaning In Slang

‘The word NFT’ was popular even before crypto existed. NFT was used as a slang or as a way to end informal conversation.NFT in slang meant ‘No More Text’. It was and in fact still is a very popular way to say goodbye when you are messaging someone. For instance you can say

‘Alright, NFT. Bye.’ to end your conversation in a style. It makes you look cool and trendy and helps you come across as a very socially woke person.