Last day of public hearings for increases in electricity and gas rates

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The Secretary of Energy will lead this Thursday the third public hearing of the week, this time to debate the implementation of segmentation in the granting of energy price subsidies by the State to users of the natural gas and electricity service.

In the same sense as the previous meetings, the hearing will be held from 10 a.m. through the Webex Platform. Yesterday, the national authorities estimated that the increase in the final bill for electricity service as of June 1 will be 16.5% for residential users who do not have a social ratel, with which in the year it will accumulate a rise of 42.72%; and 6.8% for those who have this benefit and an accumulated 21.2%.

The round of hearings had begun on Tuesday for the definition of the new prices that will be in force as of June 1 for natural gas at the Point of Entry to the Transportation System (PIST), opportunity in which the Ministry of Energy proposed an average increase of 20% in the service.

For his part, President Alberto Fernández defended from Germany the updating of gas and electricity service rates and their segmentation, considering that currently “energy is being subsidized to the richest 10 percent of the country, which is not fair on equal terms.”

According to the documents published by Energy prior to the hearings, the evolution of rates has a ceiling according to the type of user, something that was signed in the agreement with the IMF. For people with a social rate, the 2022 rate variation corresponds to 40% of the Salary Variation Coefficient (CVS) of 2021. The criteria for the elimination of subsidies contemplate those households that are included in the areas defined by the ENRE, closed neighborhoods, families with incomes greater than 3.5 basic baskets, among others.

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