Lanata in Black Box: "I think Macri was a shit"

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Jorge Lanata was criticized because “during the kirchernismo he took out reports all the time and that during the macrismo he did not”: “Well we took it out of Quintana, for example. First, the level of eagerness between one government and the other was quite different. I I did not find Vidal, Larreta and Macri telling money in La Rosadita. I found Lázaro’s children. When we had material, we made it known. There is a type of reasoning that is very k, maybe it is very Argentine, it is not just K, but it’s like to justify something you have to say something bad about the other “.

Looking ahead to the next election year, Lanata was consulted by Mauricio Macri and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: “I think Macri was a shit. I think he now wants revenge, even if he says no. Cristina (I say this with respect, because at some point I I spoke very badly about her and I said anything outrageous to her and later I regretted it) she does not seem to me to be a very balanced person in her way of thinking. She is a political leader, without a doubt. She is intelligent, she is a strategist, she knows what she is doing. She is not infallible either “Whenever he chose candidates, he chose badly. No? He chose Boudou. He chose Alberto too. It’s like he also makes a lot of mistakes when choosing, right? He’s the antithesis of Néstor. Cristina makes a lot of mistakes and thinks of an Argentina backwards, that Argentina is no more”. To highlight something positive about Macri, he declared: “He overcame his own story. He had a very complicated relationship with Franco. All the time he tried to show him that he was something that he finally was. But it seems to me that perhaps the best thing was that, who overcame himself.”

By 2023 “it may end in Macri/Cristina”: “There may be an election more similar to Néstor’s when he gets 20%. Everything is very fragmented. Milei’s appearance is important. There could be a Cristina with twenty-something, Milei with the twenty-something and someone, Manes or Mauricio with the other 20-something and there … right? “, he anticipated.

“I think Macri is going to present himself… for an obvious thing… his book is called Primer Tiempo, and after the first half comes the second… Knowing him, I think he wants revenge. He was hot, I think he thinks that He can do better and maybe he could do better. I really don’t know, but I think he’s going to show up. Of course, he tells me no, but hey. Let’s wait. Total is a year and a half away, “he considered about the former president.

Regarding the questions he received for having invited Mauricio Macri to his wedding, he replied: “I’m 61 years old… I invite whoever the hell comes to mind to my party. Why don’t they shut up and stop breaking my Eggs? At one point they psychotized me so much with that that I said ‘Well, I’ll invite you to Massa’. I’ve known him for 30 years, like most politicians. I get along with Sergio, does that mean I’m going to to vote? No. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to vote for Macri either. Macri came because Macri came. I don’t know anything. I have nothing to explain. Macri came.

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