Labor reinsertion campaign for people in vulnerable situations

The Work Culture Foundation will approach night stands and community kitchens in the City on June 23 and 30 and will deliver more than 200 kits made up of blankets, thermal insulation and hygiene products. The purpose of the visit is “contact those people who attend these spaces and are in a situation of social vulnerability, due to the loss of their jobs, to bring them a new opportunity and not remain on the street”as reported by the NGO to Filo.News.

Currently the Work Culture Foundation, is working with more than 5,200 people who live in, and/or attend, hotels (pensioners), night shelters, transit homes, community kitchens and other assistance networks, providing pre and post job placement workshops as well as a follow-up for those participants who are in greater urgency.

From the NGO they promote the labor reintegration of people in vulnerable situations. Likewise, they seek to make companies aware so that they employ this population in different jobs and that they are part of an organic and sustainable change in the outlook on employment, which collaborates in escaping poverty and integrating different social groups.

The main trades and areas in which the applicants are inserted are: security, maintenance, gastronomy, private house assistant, child/adult care, sales and/or administration.

The Foundation’s team of volunteers conducts special training by work area, in addition to helping candidates with the provision of clothing, hygiene items, loading money on the SUBE card and credit to cell phones, owned or granted by the foundation. for special situations such as attending a job interview.

By Geeke