La Lechera and Kenwood raffle kitchen robot product lot

Don’t miss the giveaway The Milkmaid and Kenwood to win a kitchen robot + product bundle.

Are you one of those who enjoys cooking and making desserts?

We want to tell you that La Lechera and Kenwood have the ideal prize for you.

Well, you can earn everything you need to make many recipes, but above all delicious desserts.

He prize It will be a lot composed of:

1 Kenwood Food Processor1 can of La Lechera whole 370g1 can of La Lechera lactose-free 387g1 can of La Lechera skimmed 387g1 can of La Lechera Veggie 370g1 can of La Lechera whole 450g1 can La Lechera Chocolate 450g

How do I participate in the La Lechera draw?


You have time to participate until the day October 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Good luck!

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