Justice postponed the investigation of Sebastian Villa for being concentrated

After requesting authorization to leave the country to compete in the Copa Libertadores, Justice postponed Sebastián Villa’s investigative statement, within the framework of the case investigating the complaint for alleged rape with carnal access and attempted murder against Rocío Tamara Doldán, your former partner.

In this sense, it will not take place on Friday, June 24 and the Colombian will be able to say present that same night of the match against Unión, in La Bombonera, for the fifth date of the 2022 Professional League.

This is because Villa’s lawyer filed an employment contract law appeal in which he argued that the striker is part of Boca’s concentrated list, even though he would not be a starter.

A few days ago, Villa asked the Judiciary for authorization to leave the country for the match on Tuesday 28 against Corinthians, in Brazil, for the first leg of the 2022 Copa Libertadores round of 16.

In this way, the new tentative date of Justice for the declaration would only be for Thursday, June 30. In this judicial instance, the player will be able to defend himself – with the power not to respond and even to lie – from the accusations before the prosecutor.

By Geeke