Jorge Rial vs. Adrian Pallares: "I’m going to talk about your clandestine love"

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“Partners of the Show” started today on channel Trece, with the successful duo of Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich After months of absence, the format began 10 minutes after 11 in the morning, but with a rating floor of 6.1, very high for the time slot.

After the presentations of pure dance, where some sticks for LAM were not lacking, Graciela Alfano, Mariana Brey, Karina Iávicoli, Paula Varela and Luli Fernández made their entrance.

The theme of the day, without a doubt, was the separation of Jorge Real, where they had the short, but last word of the driver who was in charge of denying any relationship with Alejandra Quevedo, while Iávicoli assured that close friends of the C5N journalist know in great detail the passionate relationship they have had for a few months .

While they discussed the issue on the air, Rial, from his radio program “Argenzuela”, did not hesitate to target his former colleagues and launched a bombshell regarding Adrián Pallares and was very critical of both.

“I am surprised that Lussich and Pallares join this lie, because I think I was very generous with them. They are where they are thanks to a guy like me who gave them the opportunity when in America they wanted to cut them, they wanted to cut them, they did not want them as conductors and I imposed them”, George began by saying.

Then he was very sharp and snubbed in return for the way they treated their breakup on the show.

“I am going to talk about the new love of Pallares, who has had it for a long time. It is not new, it happens that it is clandestine”, launched in a threatening manner.

Then it was a colleague who asked: “Is there a photo and video?”, to which Jorge assured: “Yeah, there are chats, there are witnesses when I parked around the canal, that was a mess. But hey, everything is fine,” finished.

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