Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro signed the divorce

Jorge Rial Y Romina Pereiro They are officially divorced, after today they signed the papers that dissolve the marriage union, according to Ángel de Brito on his social networks.

The driver and the nutritionist had married in 2019 at a wedding that hosted 90 guests and was one of the most talked about that year. After two years of relationship, the couple put an end to it and the former host of Intruders could be seen in recent days with Josefina Pouso on a trip he made to Europe.

For her part, Romina had announced a new work project at Telefe a few weeks ago, of which she was not finally a part due to salary problems, according to what they commented. Although from LAM, they gave another version of the surprising loss and assured that it was “a black hand”, who prevented the landing of the nutritionist to the cycle “Ariel in her sauce” that debuted this week.

Today, Ángel published in his account: “Today they signed the divorce. Everything agreed and initialed”, thus announcing the dissolution of the relationship between Rial and Pereiro.

Let us remember that in March of the current year it was Rial who confirmed the separation from his radio cycle: “Indeed we are separated with Romina… it was a decision made by both of us… sometimes love is not enough, especially in a year like the previous one, where the pandemic broke me physically and psychologically,” he said when breaking the news.

By Geeke