Jack White and a slightly different marriage proposal

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Leader of the dissolved and successful gang The White Stripesthe multi-instrumentalist yesterday released his fourth studio album as a soloist and, after opening his tour in the city of Detroit, surprised him by asking his partner to marry him on stage, reported the specialized site Variety.

The rocker received an affirmative response from Olivia Jean, a singer who earlier opened White’s show at the Masonic Temple Theater, in the city of origin of both, detailed information published by the Variety portal.

The head of the record label founded by White “Third Man”, ben swankacted as master of ceremonies for the proposal, in which the bassist of White’s band acted as godfather of the event and the bassist of Jean godmother

The musician was playing 80 minutes into the show and brought Jean on stage to do a chorus of the song “Hotel Yorba”, in whose lyrics there is a passage that says “Let’s get married” (in Spanish, “let’s get married”) “).

At that point the band stopped playing and withdrew, and White told Jean, “I have a little question for you, Olivia Jean. Will you marry me?”

His girlfriend nodded with tears and White concluded the song by singing “Let’s Get Married” and carried Jean offstage as her rep recorded the moment on her cell phone.

Minutes later, the couple returned to the stage and received White’s mother and Jean’s father, and performed an impromptu ceremony in which the lovers expressed their wedding vows before the audience.

This will be the third marriage for White, who was previously married to his White Stripes bandmate Meg White and model Karen Elson, who also recorded on the “Third Man” label.

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