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Is Dhgate safe?

Dhgate is totally reliableis a website very similar to Aliexpress, you can see how to buy on Dhgate here.

Dhgate has a technical support similar to that of Aliexpress (Although not as good), when you make the purchase of a product you actually pay Dhgate and once you receive the item and confirm that you have received it and that everything is correct, Dhgate will release the payment and pay the seller.

Precautions to make a safe purchase on Dhgate.

1-We must buy only from sellers with positive reviews and that they have a number of votes greater than 1000. Do not trust new sellers or those who sell very cheap products.

two-Avoid electronic products like Rechargeable batteries (If it has positive reviews you can try) and counterfeits, many times you buy a Xiaomi brand battery and then it turns out that it is a counterfeit and does not have the same charging capacity.

3-Whenever we receive a product from Dhgate we must check it wellwhat there are no missing parts or that it is not damaged, I advise recording a video while we open the package and then send it to Dhgate in case of any problem and thus be able to speed up the process.

4-Never pay outside the platform of Dhgate, sometimes the sellers can offer you to pay from another platform that is outside of Dhgate, if they offer you that, run away, it is a scam!

5-Ask for real photos of the product, it may be that the product that is shown is different from the one that is later sent to you. (This happens a lot with fakes).

6-Do not buy consumable products (Food, Drinks) unless you are very sure what it contains, you must also check that the customs of your country allow the importation of food.

7-If you want to buy a wholesale product, first buy small quantities to check the quality and not be surprised when receiving the products.

Is Dhgate reliable for my credit card?

Yes, I have made more than 1000 purchases on Dhgate with my card and I have not had any problems, although I recommend ask for a virtual card for online purchases in your financial institution (Bank) if you do not know how to obtain it, you just have to contact your company, like this you can top up the exact amount of what the product is going to cost you and you avoid headaches.

Does Dhgate accept paypal?

Unfortunately, no, it does not accept Paypal, but it is quite safe to pay on their payment gateway with a credit card, so you will not have no problem when paying.

Where to get Dhgate discounts?

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You can get many discounts on Dhgate, just go to their coupon center which you can access from here.

As well you can get more discount from Dhgate and other China shopping sites, here.

How to contact Dhgate customer service?

If you have had any problems with your order or want to ask any questions with Dhgate, you can do so through Facebook, Email or through their online Chat.

Then I leave you the dcontact details From Dhgate:


1645683292 121 Is Dhgate safe Ultimate Guide

Facebook: Facebook DhgateDhgate customer service Facebook Dhgate online chat: Dhgate customer service chatDhgate online chat Dhgate customer service phone number:

Phone: 0086-10-82028870-3226

So, is Dhgate trustworthy?

As you have been able to deduce yourself, yes, Dhgate is reliable provided that the steps I have put above are followed.

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By Geeke