invader zim characters

Invader Zim has a large cast of colorful characters, each of which has unique personalities. Among the many characters, Dib Membrane is a highly eccentric young paranormal investigator who thwarts the evil Zim’s plots to conquer the Earth. He is mocked by his classmates and considered annoying and crazy, but he is determined to save his classmates from Zim’s evil schemes.

Dib Membrane

When constructing a character profile for Dib Membrane, it is important to consider her eccentricity. She is obsessed with cryptology and unexplained paranormal phenomena. She also loves the occult and the supernatural. The following are some ideas for Dib’s personality.

Gazlene “Gaz” Membrane is Dib’s younger sister. She enjoys video games, pizza, and soda. In fact, she and her family run Bloaty’s Pizza Hog, a pastiche of Chuck E. Cheese’s and ShowBiz Pizza Place. She is vengeful and has short tempers.

Dib has an interest in the supernatural, and he studies it. He also thwarts Zim’s plans to take over the world. Although his classmates laugh at him and think he’s crazy, he still tries to save them and the world. However, the spooky creature has a plan to destroy Earth.

Invader ZIM is a space-age alien who has been banished from his planet of Irk. He is on a secret mission to destroy the human race. To accomplish this, he disguises himself as a schoolboy. He is a dangerous enemy, and only one person can stop him: the maniacal paranormal researcher Dib Membrane.


Keef is the main antagonist of the movie “Bestest Friend”. After he defeats Zim in the contest to be his best friend, he begins stalking him and invading his house. Keef’s motivation isn’t entirely clear, but he is misguided. Keef believes that Zim is a living creature, but he is really a robot.

After six months of traveling across the universe, Zim arrives on Earth. It is a dystopian future, and the citizens are utterly terrified of their new ruler. Zim disguises himself as a child and attends a local school. He is accompanied by GIR, an ineffective Standard Issue Information Retrieval unit made from trash can parts.

Gazlene “Gaz” Membrane is Dib’s younger sister. She loves video games, pizza, and soda. She tries to protect her classmates from Zim, but she is ridiculed by her classmates. She is also a fierce fighter, and she is determined to defeat the invaders.


There are a few differences between the Gaz invader Zim characters and the real world. The first is Gaz’s tendency to take sudden and decisive action. It is apparent that her actions are sometimes driven by a monomaniacal focus. The second is Gaz’s lukewarm relationship with most of the characters. He dislikes his brother Dib and rarely shows affection for him, but he has a warm relationship with Professor Membrane.

Gaz is the younger sister of Dib, and is known for her dark and brooding personality. She enjoys video games and pizza, and is often annoyed by Dib’s obsession with the paranormal. Despite her apparent lack of interest in human matters, she seems to have a warm relationship with Professor Membrane.

Gaz is not very social, and she only likes to interact with a few people. When she becomes angry, she turns into a furious bringer of vengeance. Besides her physical abilities, she has many supernatural powers including levitation, pyrokinesis, and umbrakinesis. She also commands an army of robotic animals equipped with deadly weaponry. Despite the fact that she seems to have very little interaction with other people, Gaz does have the capacity to intimidate Zim.

Killer Rabbit

The Killer Rabbit is a sub-trope of the Our Monsters Are Weird trope. It is a small creature that is poisonous, has pointy bits that can tear flesh and can transform into something much worse than itself. Although this character can be frightening, it can also be helpful in teaching kids not to pick on small animals. It can also make people more respectful of elders. Despite being dangerous, Killer Rabbits are only harmful when people mess with them.

The character first appeared in Dungeons & Dragons in the original Fiend Folio. It is based on the Miraj, a type of rabbit. It came in packs of two to twenty. It could deal dagger damage with a simple stabbing attack.

The Killer Rabbit can fight many types of monsters. He can be a threat to both players and enemies alike. He likes to snarl and bite, which gives him the impression of being an incredibly dangerous creature. He can also be a cute character. But don’t let him fool you: he’s not as deadly as he thinks.

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