Instagram’s new anti-bullying features allow users to limit comments and filter aggression

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Adam Mosseri, in an announcement on his blog that the company has made changes to make the social network a safer environment and space free of bullying.

“We have a responsibility to make sure everyone feels safe when they come to Instagram.

We also want to protect people from having to experience […] abuse first, so we’re constantly listening to feedback from experts and our community, and developing new features to give people more control over their Instagram experience, and help protect them from abuse.”

Adam Mosseri

Instagram’s new features to reduce bullying on the social network

These new features will enhance the user experience while enjoying and using Instagram.


To help protect users when they experience, or even anticipate, a wave of digital abuse, Instagram is introducing Limits, which automatically hides comments and direct message (DM) requests from people who have recently followed or don’t follow you. follow.

Creators and public figures can experience sudden spikes in interest, according to Mosseri, who noted that “in many cases it’s an outpouring of support, like going viral after winning an Olympic medal.” But sometimes it’s just a wave of spam.

Limits can be accessed through Instagram’s privacy settings, and the company is also exploring ways to prompt users to turn limits on before the expected spikes in comments and DMs occur.

Stronger warnings

Instagram already cracks down on people who repeatedly try to post potentially offensive comments, displaying increasingly loud warnings with each attempt that the content may be hidden or removed. Now, instead of waiting for the second or third offensive comment, the social network will show the “strongest message” the first time.

hidden words

Following successful testing in a handful of countries earlier this year, the social network is making Hidden Words available worldwide. This feature allows accounts to automatically filter offensive words, phrases, and emoji into a hidden folder. It also filters out DM requests deemed “low quality” or spam.

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