Ingrid Grudke’s new venture in Misiones: "There is a lot of potential here"

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After surprising with his vocation for bodybuilding and working very hard to compete in an international finess category in that field, now Ingrid Grudke He went a step further with another of his passions, ice cream.

The model said that the proposal came from the hand of her current partner, Martin Colantonio and together they set up a branch of the popular Lucciano’s franchise in Misiones.

This is how she told it in dialogue with Juan “My partner Martín brought this project, it is a Luccianos franchise, there are different locations around the world. I can’t disassociate myself and since he told me to do this, we did. Saying an ice cream maker sounds derogatory but for me it is a very serious and multinational company, it claims to be the most important ice cream in the world, ”she revealed.

And he also commented that thanks to his high school studies, he has a good hand for numbers: “I was interested in getting into that world and I did a commercial expert at school so I know something about numbers. I like to challenge myself, here they already say ‘Ingrid’s ice cream shop’ and of course they see me there, I’m accompanying the employees who work there. I am in the detail that everyone feels important and not feel just employees. I observe each one who is good with what he does and the public that has come so far has left satisfied with the attention and how delicious the ice cream is, “he assured

At the same time, she proudly said that many neighbors thank her for betting on her hometown and investing and working in her birthplace.” I always challenge myself and it generates a lot of adrenaline in me. I am an international model who has worked all over the world and I returned to support the province. There is a lot of potential here and we have freedom, although it is difficult to work in Argentina, “he warned happily with his new venture.

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