Indigo was born! Evaluna and Camilo’s baby

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Evaluna and Camilo became the parents of a girl they called Indigo, as confirmed by international media.

The couple of musicians had decided not to know the sex of the baby and chose to give it a name that did not have a gender.

Days ago, Ricardo Montaner, father and fervent grandfather had confirmed that the birth was going to take place in the couple’s house.

“He will be born at home, he will be born through a midwife like I was born 60-odd years ago. It will be born in a very natural way, probably in water, they will decide it I think at the moment, “said the singer.

Let us remember that Evaluna and Camilo announced that they would become parents last October through a song. Now it remains to wait for someone from the family to confirm the news of the new member of the family.

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