How to use the whiteboard in Zoom meetings

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Zoom is quickly becoming one of the most popular video conferencing apps for professionals. The service offers reliability, video quality and many useful features to conduct virtual meetings effectively. Among these features is the blackboard. Today we are here to teach you how to use Whiteboard on Zoom.

What is Whiteboard in Zoom?

Zoomable Whiteboard is a feature that allows you to create a digital whiteboard on which you can take notes, draw, and make other types of annotations. A presenter can give viewers a visual representation of what he is trying to convey. At the same time, it can serve as a collaboration tool that everyone can participate in. The Zoom Whiteboard can be saved later as a PNG file, which collaborators can return to for future reference.

How to start Whiteboard in Zoom

Do you want to take advantage of the blackboard? We are going to show you how it is done.

Open and sign in Zoom Meetings. Click New Meeting. Invite participants to join your meeting. When you’re ready to use the Zoom Whiteboard, click the Share Screen option. Select Whiteboard and click Share. a new white screen. You’re ready to go. How to use Whiteboard

How to use Whiteboard in Zoom

Now that you’ve got the zoom whiteboard up and running, it’s time to get creative. You and your colleagues can annotate and share information as you wish.

A set of Zoom Whiteboard tools will appear on the blank screen. That’s where you can choose what to do. On the left you will find a selection tool to move objects. Next to it are the Text and Draw options, which are self-explanatory.

The Stamp tool will allow you to place icons anywhere on the Whiteboard. You can choose from a set of preselected stamps, including an arrow, check mark, X, star, heart, and question mark. These can help you express your feelings or thoughts on a certain topic without creating an interruption.

To draw attention to a specific area you can also use the Spotlight feature. This allows you to place an arrow with your name next to any part of the zoom board. On the other hand, the Focus wand allows you to point and highlight anything for a short period of time.

Other features include the ability to Erase, change text/drawing color (Format), Undo and Redo. If everything goes wrong, you can press the Clear button to clear everything you’ve done or the entire zoom whiteboard.

How to store your Whiteboard

Ready to wrap things up? Just hit the “Save” button to the right of your annotation tools. A PNG file will be saved in a preset folder, which you can see by clicking the Show in folder option that appears right after saving a zoom whiteboard.

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