How to sign up for Google Play Pass

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Last week, Google launched Google Play Pass, a subscription service that gives users access to more than 350 apps and games without ads or in-app purchases. For a limited time, the service is just $1.99 per month for the first year, so you’ll want to sign up as soon as possible. Here’s how the service works and how to sign up for Google Play Pass.

How to sign up for Google Play Pass

The first thing you need to know before signing up for Google Play Pass is its availability. It’s only available in the US at the moment, but Google plans to bring the service to the rest of the world in the near future.

Given availability, enrollment is just a few clicks away. Start by opening the Google Play store on a device running Android 4.4 or higher.

There may be a promotional banner at the top of the Play Store titled “Introducing Google Play Pass.” If there is, go ahead and select it.

If there is no banner, look in the left menu of the Play Store. Here you’ll see things like what account you’re signed in with and other sections like “My apps & games” and “Notifications.” Right below those two, you’ll see a new section called “Play Pass.”

If you still don’t see it, try updating the Play Store to version 16.6.25 or higher, or come back in a couple of days. Eventually one of those two options will work.

After clicking on the new Play Pass section, it will take you to a registration screen. This page explains the 10-day free trial of the service and some other technical details about Play Pass. Click the green “Start Free Trial” button and fill in the necessary information.

You now have access to hundreds of apps and games with your new Play Pass subscription.

How Google Play Pass works

Once you sign up for a shiny new Google Play Pass subscription, you’ll notice a few changes in the Play Store. First of all, from now on, when you open the Play Store, you will be greeted by a new Play Pass page. The bottom toolbar now houses the extra section on the far left for quick access to the new Play Pass page.

Here you can browse all the apps and games included in your subscription. You’ll find suggestions for various subcategories of games and apps. Some categories include kids games, puzzle games, productivity apps, and photo editors.

This isn’t the only place to find Play Pass apps, either. All of these apps can be found in the store just like any other app. Each included app now has the Play Pass logo next to it. This means that you can download them at no additional charge. The apps will even indicate how much they cost without Play Pass, reminding you how much money you’re saving.

You can manage your subscription by returning to the main page of the Play Store. Tap the menu on the left, where we find the Play Pass section, and tap the “Subscriptions” section. From here you can manage your Play Pass subscription, as well as any other subscription you have. You can always cancel it if you are not satisfied. Canceling within the 10-day free trial ensures that Google never takes your $2.

Pro tip: A Google Play gift card is perfect if you want to make sure your first year of Play Pass goes smoothly. Add at least one $25 gift card to your account, and you can freely use the Play Pass service without a second thought until next year. This is also a great option if you don’t want to add your credit card information to the Play Store.

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