How to recover Facebook accounts

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Forgot your Facebook username and password and can no longer access Facebook? Or… your Facebook account has been hacked, which means you can no longer access it?

If so, nothing happens, you are not the first or last to experience something like this. Fortunately, Facebook offers several automated ways to recover our account. Whether you’ve forgotten your Facebook password or can no longer log in because a hacker has changed it, you have several options that will allow you to recover your Facebook account.

In this article, we will show you step by step how to recover your account on this social network.

5 Ways to Recover Facebook Accounts

Recovering Facebook accounts is tricky, especially if you haven’t configured your backup recovery options. In that sense, we ask you to consider that many of the following options require time and patience.

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Any of these five options guarantees the recovery of your Facebook account.

1. Are you still connected to Facebook somewhere?

Before trying to recover your account, check to see if you’re still signed in to Facebook on any of your devices. It can be another browser or browser profile on your computer, check out your Facebook Android or iOS app, or a mobile browser, for example on your tablet.

If you can still access Facebook anywhere, you may be able to “recover” your Facebook password without a confirmation reset code; although what you will actually do is create a new password. At this point, also consider setting up two-factor authentication on Facebook.

2. Have you tried the default Facebook account recovery options?

Okay, so you couldn’t find a device that you were still connected to Facebook on. Let’s proceed with the recovery then. If possible, use a network or a computer from which you have previously accessed your Facebook account.

First of all, you need to identify your account. To recover your Facebook account, go to the Facebook recovery page and use an email address or phone number that you previously added to your Facebook account. Although it doesn’t say so, you can also use your Facebook username.


Once you have managed to identify your account, you will see a summary of your profile. Before proceeding, make sure to check carefully if this is really your account and if you still have access to the email address(es) listed.

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Have you stopped having access to this data? continue with point 3 of this article.

However, if everything looks good with the contact data that Facebook has on file for you (don’t worry, this data you’ve added before, it’s not data that Facebook steals guesses), click Continue. Facebook will send you a security code.

How to recover Facebook accounts

Retrieve the code from your email, enter it and dance and sing happily for having recovered your Facebook account.

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At this point, you can set a new password, this would be ideal, but remember, don’t use the typical 123abc…

If the code never arrives, click Didn’t get a code, which will take you back to the previous screen. You can try again or you may find that you don’t have access to the account after all. Which brings you to the next step

Go back to your Facebook account

If you managed to regain access to your account and you suspect that your Facebook account was hacked, immediately change your password and update your contact information. These are key steps to protect your Facebook account. Be sure to remove any email addresses or phone numbers that are not yours or that you can no longer access.

We recommend that you enable two-factor authentication so that this doesn’t happen again.

3. Has your contact information changed?

Often it is not possible to recover a Facebook account using the above options. You may have lost access to the email addresses and phone numbers you once placed on your profile. Or maybe a hacker changed this information. In that case, Facebook allows you to specify a new email address or phone number, which they will use to contact you to recover your account.

To start this process, click on the link “No longer have access to them?” at the bottom left of the password reset page (see above) to start the Facebook account recovery process. Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number so they can contact you and help you recover your account.

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Click Continue to continue, logically.

If you’ve set up Trusted Contacts, you can ask them to help you recover your Facebook account in the next step. You’ll need to remember at least one full name of your three to five Trusted Contacts to reveal all of them. Please note that you only need three codes to recover your Facebook account.

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If you haven’t set up your Trusted Contacts, you may have the option to answer one of their security questions and reset their password on the spot. As an added precaution, this comes with a 24-hour waiting period before you can access your account.

Otherwise, you may have to wait until Facebook contacts you to verify your identity. Possibly, the photos and videos you used to see will have to wait a bit for you.

4. Your Facebook account was hacked and is sending spam?

In case your account has been hacked and is sending spam while you can’t access it, you should report that your Facebook account is compromised.

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In fact, this will start a process similar to the one described above. Although you will use the same information to identify your account, in the next step you can use a current or old Facebook password to recover it.

This is useful in case a hacker changes your password, but it can also be useful in case you forget your new password.

Find more tips related to your account security on the Account Security page in the Facebook Help Center.

5. Contact Facebook directly for account recovery

If all the above Facebook account recovery methods have failed, your last hope is that Facebook supports itself. You can try sending an email to [email protected] to explain your situation. You may be given the opportunity to prove your identity using your passport or driver’s license. You can try attaching a scan of your ID in your first email, but keep in mind that email is not necessarily secure. Either way, getting news from Facebook can take several weeks, so at this point you have to be patient.

Note: If you didn’t use your real name on Facebook, your hopes of getting your account back this way are slim to none.

If all else fails, create a new Facebook profile

Over the past few years, we have received countless comments and messages from people who have been unable to recover their Facebook accounts. Usually, your contact information was out of date, the recovery codes Facebook provided didn’t work, or the company would never contact you to verify your identity. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help either.

If you discover another way to contact Facebook or recover your Facebook account, please share it in the comments below.

At some point, you have to move on. As much as it hurts, learn from your mistakes, create a new account, make sure to add several valid contact details, protect your Facebook account, and rebuild your profile.

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