How to recover a WhatsApp account

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WhatsApp is one of the most used applications, more than 65,000 million messages are sent daily between application users around the world. All or an important part of the people who have a smartphone have the application installed on their mobile and surely another important part of them will be interested in knowing the steps to recover a WhatsApp account.

How can I lose my WhatsApp account?

We can all be susceptible to losing our WhatsApp account, either due to forgetting to update the application, a virus or malware attack, accidental deletion or perhaps due to loss or theft of the equipment, in scenarios like these. What do we do? How to recover whatsapp account?

No idea?

Okay, do not worry. In this post, we present you with several options that can represent the most reliable and proven solution that will certainly help you recover whatsapp account in a matter of a few clicks.

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How to perform WhatsApp account recovery from lost/stolen phone

Since WhatsApp is an essential application for the communication of our lives, losing it can be a serious blow. However, to make operations easier, there are certainly some useful methods to perform WhatsApp account recovery. So without wasting an iota of time, let’s follow any of these methods to recover our WhatsApp account and of course all our messages.

SIM card lock

First of all, we must immediately contact the technical support of our telephone company, to achieve the blocking of the SIM card. This will ensure that our contact number is not accessed by the lost phone and of course safeguard our WhatsApp account.

Contact is WhatsApp support

The other way out is to connect to WhatsApp. Just send an email to the competent authorities of WhatsApp at [email protected] with the message “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” as the body of the email and add the phone number in said request:

Go to the phone book

Start by inserting a plus sign (+) followed by the country code, and then the full contact number.

Although account deactivation is one of the main WhatsApp account recovery ways. Which is very easy to process. But, one must not forget that there are certainly some points of consideration as far as the account being deactivated.

There may be a case where your account is not completely deleted. Any of your contacts may still be able to send you text messages that remain in pending status for up to 30 days. If you try to reactivate what you want to delete, you may receive some of the pending messages through your new device and continue in the group chats. If you do not activate the account in 30 days, it will be considered deleted.

How to use the old account on a new phone

Even if you have lost your WhatsApp account on your old mobile phone, you can still use the new SIM card and thereby keep your WhatsApp account. Yes, it can be done, right? All you have to do to recover an old account is to use a new SIM card and ask your network operator or phone company to activate the same (lost) number on it. Once you have the new SIM card with the same number, you just have to connect it to your new device and activate the Whatsapp service with the same number. This deactivates the Whatsapp service on your old device and will then reactivate it on your new device.

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Make backup copies of your WhatsApp chats in case of accidental loss

When the WhatsApp account is deactivated, the fear of losing your data paralyzes your spine, to avoid inconvenience. For this you can use a data hosting service in the cloud, such as Google Drive, there you can store the backup copies generated by WhatsApp and during the restoration of the account take that copy and return all the files. It is easily programmable and compatible with WhatsApp.

It is the ultimate option for deleted WhatsApp account recovery as it will help you to backup all content periodically, so in case of accidental deletion, you can use it to restore your media files like photos, videos, messages of WhatsApp and other attachments effortlessly.

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