how to make your laptop battery life last longer

Do you use your laptop in your bed? Big mistake. If you ever asked How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer on google then, you must follow these four recommendations. 

The experts assure that the useful time of a laptop varies from three to five years, everything depends on its use and, much more important, on how we take care of it.

If you really want to extend the laptop life, you should follow these recommendations.

They look immortal, but they’re not. According to some, the useful time of a laptop varies from 3 to 5 years. It all depends on how you use it and, much more importantly, on how we take care of it.

It is for this reason that in a world where personal computers become an extension of who we are, it is worth taking into account some tips that can help us lengthen your life.

How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer?

how to make your laptop battery life last longer

1. Don’t use it on Your Legs

Like you, she needs to breathe. If you’re the type to put her on the bed or pillows, stop.

Worse yet, if you usually work with her on your legs, you’ll be making a big mistake that endangers your gadget and even your health, including your own fertility.

According to experts, when a laptop is used on a non-rigid surface, some of the ducts that allow air to move into it become blocked.

The result is predictable: excess heat deteriorates hardware and shortens the life of your equipment.

2. Don’t Keep It Connected all the Time

Experts recommend users to maintain their battery on an 80-40 cycle.

That is, disconnect it when it reaches above 80%, and recharge it when it is 40%. You should never have it on all the time. It’s one of the best ways How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer.

3. Avoid Chemicals when Cleaning Your Laptop

You don’t have to complicate the cleaning. A soft cloth and a brush are enough to clean your laptop. Don’t use harsh chemicals for any reason.

4. Update your Antivirus

how to make your laptop battery life last longer

It is recommended that you use a good antivirus and keep it up to date.

5. Beware of Beverage Spills

Beware of drinks, such as water or coffee, when working in front of the laptop. If there is any spill, it is recommended to immediately turn off the equipment, turn the laptop over a towel so as to prevent the advance of liquid, use a dryer or a fan to dry it, and take our beloved laptop directly to the technical service.

6. Beware of the Battery

In case of using the laptop for many hours, it is recommended to take out the battery, otherwise it will contribute to its overheating.

In terms of charge levels, it is recommended to charge it up to 100% and let it drop to 40%, but not more, before plugging it back in.

7. Protection for Transport

In case of moving the equipment permanently for study or work purposes, it is ideal for carrying it in a special laptop backpack and covering it with a cover so that it is more protected.

This could cushion or lighten in some way, some blow or crushing.

If you are going on a trip, you should not place your laptops in your suitcases but in special backpacks that are padded.

Also, it is recommended that you avoid carrying your laptop when it is on because this movement can cause damage to your hard drive during transport.

8. Caution when Closing

If any PC expert answers the question How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer, then this will be the most important tip you need to follow. Gently closes the laptop until it engages with the bottom, that is, to prevent the screen from breaking when closed abruptly.

9. Turn it off Correctly

It is always recommended to turn it off using the “Turn off” function of the operating system, and not the “Start” button on the laptop; because system one, closes the programs, stops the disk, wipes the memory, and finally turns off the computer. It shuts down in the correct order to avoid damage.

10. It’s also recommended:

  • Close unnecessary files.
  • Avoid excess open pages.
  • Remember to set it to “hibernate” and turn it off so that it does not overheat.
  • If necessary, install an external fan and do not use it in hot places.
  • “Within the administration also knows how to use the battery properly, to prevent overheating and extend the life of the battery,” he said.

When it comes to cleaning, our computer requires a good cleaning routine on both its software and hardware to keep it in good condition.

It is also necessary to remove it from exposure to liquids or food debris and clean it frequently with a tissue or compressed air.

As for its parts, inside is more complex and we recommend that you take it with an authorized repairer, who is a trusted technician who will know how to do it without damaging it.

Finally, keeping the operating system and programs updated avoids having cluttered files, documents no longer required and even viruses or spyware, which altogether makes the machine slower, added the specialist, who warned that viewing pornography puts the computer at risk with viruses that could cause damage.

Here’s How To Make Your Laptop Battery Life Last Longer

Although there may be many theories, one company dedicated to battery performance analysis recommended that users maintain their battery in an 80-40 cycle.

In other words, disconnect it when it reaches 80%, and recharge it when it is 40%, it’s of the ways How To Make Your Laptop Battery Life Last Longer.

Finally, ACER also recommends three cycles of charging and discharging the battery before using it for the first time; try to use only the AC adapter that came with your computer, reserve the battery for mobile use whenever possible; eliminate accessories that are not in use and, very important, store the equipment in a cool, dry place (10°C to 30°C).

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