Pandemic closed down everything we used to, all over the world people trying to spend their time on something that keeps them sane someway. You should thank Netflix for making some of the awesome TV shows to binge in these next few months and don’t worry about the COVID stuff. But how to get Netflix for free forever? yes, you can, is for your help with these ideas, you can now cut the cord and save money.

Netflix is good, but the price is not. Not all can afford to pay due to rising subscription costs and low wages/salaries. However, there are just a few options to get Netflix for free.

Netflix is not a free utility. You will pay $7.99 (Basic), $10.99 (Standard), or $13.99 depending on the Netflix bundle (Premium).

Many people who try to invest or make money digitally or on a strict budget find $8 difficult. I understand. When times are tough, it isn’t easy to invest money.

Don’t be concerned. This article will teach you:

  • Methods for quickly accessing a free streaming option.
  • Streaming Channels That Aren’t Netflix
  • Answers to most asked questions on getting free Netflix

Netflix – the most prominent viewing device – has over 125 million users and is steadily rising in case you missed it.

Can I Get Netflix for Free Forever?

How to Get Netflix for Free Forever

Yes, you can get Netflix free forever. There are methods you can use to get a free account for the rest of your life. These are not the money shortcuts or cheat codes that many people seek. It might be a little too complex but you will get the result you want in the end.

There are methods for earning additional money to pay for your Netflix subscription and, as a result, get a free Netflix account for life.

These hacks are rated as follows:

  • Easy ways to get Netflix for free forever
  • Obtaining a free account is moderately complex.

Do them in your spare time or only once, and your free account will most likely become a possibility. 

7 Methods To How to Get Netflix for Free Forever

Here are some uncomplicated and quick ways to get your free Netflix account. There are simple methods that could result in easy victories. Let’s get into the methods on How to Get Netflix for Free Forever.

1. Trial Option

Netflix, and most subscription services, has a free trial period. You will watch Netflix for free for a month with no promise to continue using it after that. Yes, you can watch Netflix for a whole month without spending a penny.

Here’s what you’ll require: You only need to enter a payment system, such as a credit card, to consider a free trial. Only make a note of when the probation period expires, or you’ll be fined for the next month.

Netflix, on the other hand, will not deceive you. It will give you an alert a few days before your trial period expires.

Much better, you can use PayPal as a payment method. This helps those who want to learn how to get a free subscription without a credit card.

2. Get Paid for Sharing your Thoughts

What are you talking about? Yes, you heard it correctly. Take paid online surveys, and you’ll be able to win enough money to get your free Netflix account.

How to Get Netflix for Free Forever

Survey Club, for example, charges up to $115 per survey for focus groups. Participate in this survey, and you might earn the income.

Some places to download to earn extra money for a free Netflix subscription include:

  • Survey Junkie: One stay-at-home mother earned $615.56 in ten days.
  • Ipsos Panel: Keeps you interested, and specific survey questions will get you worried about your feet. One participant earned $40 by answering ridiculous questions. According to reports, some made more than $700 a month.

3. Watch more and get more

If you have a Netflix account, get paid to view and use the money to pay off or obtain a free Netflix account.

Swagbucks can reward you anytime you do things online or on your computer, such as recording, flipping through new content, or looking for a keyword. That is what there is to it.

If you haven’t used Swagbucks, you’re missing out big time. Swagbucks is an application that pays you for whatever you do online. It has also distributed over 350 MILLION dollars in cash and promotional gift cards.

Here’s how it works: Whether you want to binge-watch, take online polls, or even buy stuff online and want to get cash back, you’ll win gift cards or even cash to help you earn money online.

I’m not joking. Others have won more than $1,500 using Swagbucks. Earning more is one more method on How to Get Netflix for Free Forever.

4. Extend the Trial Period

Although Netflix states that each household should only have one trial bid, there is a way to get around this restriction without violating the law. Cancel the subscription before the trial period expires and wait a month. You can get an invitation from Netflix for another free trial. Well, it needs your company and might give you another one for free.

It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t happen, call and see if you can have another free trial. You may be able to get it only by asking.

5. Obtain Netflix coupon codes / GroupBuy Sales

How to Get Netflix for Free Forever

Not ready to spending too much time on filling out surveys, then there is a easy way on How to Get Netflix for Free Forever. There are Netflix sale coupons, believe it or not. Here are some sites where you can locate such discounts:

  • RetailMeNot
  • is a website that offers discounts on a variety of products.

Never pay full price without first checking these pages for free Netflix gift codes.

6. Reduce your Spending

A free account is available if you slash costs and bring the spare money into a Netflix subscription. Getting a free account is all about making more money without having to change the spending. Has a hard time cut back, mainly when you’ve done everything imaginable to make that happen? There is a way out of this. Trim is a new technology that is a FREE personal finance concierge app.

It will take care of all the legwork and headaches for you. Trim will examine the annual bills, look for contracts that can be canceled, look for costs that can be reduced, and so on.

A $20 reduction in your spending equates to a Netflix credit for you. Trim will assist you in locating those costs that can be reduced.

7. Put a Stop to Deleting Receipts

Never clear your email receipts if you want to get a free Netflix account. Why is this so? It points out that deleting your email receipts means you’re throwing money away. I didn’t realize this until I began using Paribus, a Capital One business that provides a tool for getting money back on online orders.

When you use Paribus or any other better finance platform, it can check your inbox for receipts from stores it is watching. Once discovered, it will keep track of the prices of the products you purchased from that store. When it senses a price decline, it will give you a refund for the price difference. Here is a study of Paribus. In short, there’s no reason for you to go after the retailers for the money they owe you.

If you’re an online shopper, Paribus has a lot to sell. That savings will cover the cost of your free account for years to come.

Best Free Netflix Alternatives

So, you couldn’t able to get the netflix for free even using the above methods on How to Get Netflix for Free Forever. Don’t worry, we won’t let you down, here are some of the best alternatives for netflix you can stream always.

1. Tubi Television

Tubi TV, also known as Tubi, has one of the most extensive libraries of movies and TV shows (only second to Netflix). Many believe it to be the free edition of Netflix. It currently has over 8,000 titles available for download.

Since it’s online, don’t expect to see many of the latest blockbuster movies or popular TV shows. There is a multitude of awesome videos available for streaming.

How to Get Netflix for Free Forever

Tubi TV is free to download. Its money is solely generated from commercials (just like regular TV stations do). But you don’t have to think about whether or not you have to pay.

2. Crackle

Crackle, a Sony Entertainment Pictures subsidiary, has been in operation for over 11 years. It has a broader following than Tubi TV. Crackle produces free movies and TV shows. Shows are ranging from the classics to the most famous shows of our day.

This, like Tubi TV, is a fee-free channel that makes money from advertisements. As a consequence, you’ll have to compete with commercials every time you watch your favorite series. However, these commercials only occur every 10-15 minutes.

If you can’t get Netflix for free, Crackle is the next best thing.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is yet another excellent Netflix substitute. Given that it is free, the selection of titles on this platform is excellent. Sure, it’s not as good as Tubi TV or Crackle, but you should add it and the mix to get more programs to watch.

The following genres of content are available: Comedy, drama, family/kids TV shows, and more. Popcornflix’s income is derived mainly from advertisements. As a consequence, expect to see commercials in any program you enjoy.


How to Share Your Netflix Account

Netflix allows you to create up to five separate profiles, each of which can have their own watch lists and recommendations. You cannot assign a different password to each profile. Enter a name for the new profile, and select CONTINUE, then done.

How to get a free trial with Virtual Credit Card or Without a Credit Card?

You can use PayPal instead of a credit card. PayPal is the best and safest way of sharing payments. All you need to do is to go to PayPal official site and create your new account there if you don’t have one. After you are done creating your PayPal account, use the same while creating your account on Netflix

Can these websites assist me in obtaining a free Netflix account?

The response is a resounding yes. Some surveys disqualify you because businesses search for unique demographics about which you have no influence. This is why I still urge you to sign up for as many pages as possible. This way, if one site does not work for you, you have other options. You’ll easily learn that if you try any of these, you’ll be able to define unique sites where you’ll make the most money. If this arises, I suggest that you use that forum daily.


What you have to do is carry on as usual while still using the details given above. It’s not rocket science. There are just a few of the simplest ways to make money to help you get a free Netflix subscription.

Getting a free Netflix password is indeed simple (though I highly doubt it), but the chances of it being legal are slim.

Try these methods of How to Get Netflix for Free Forever right now, and you’ll see if you can get your free Netflix account quicker than you expect.

By Geeke