Mac devices offer you one of the fastest performances that you can get when compared to other laptops. Apart from that, they provide you with the optimal power to accomplish all your daily work. Yet, on the other hand, they face a certain set of issues while functioning, like mac won’t turn on sometimes. These problems are of a wide range, and some of them are quite complex. Sometimes, you may often simply fail to turn on your Mac device. Even if you succeed in turning on the device, it might not boot the system.

Now, that’s quite a complicated issue without any doubt but it is probably simpler than you might believe. Moreover, there are certain specific ways through which you can deal with this issue on your own. And, for that, you must apply the methods mentioned below.

DIY tips to Fix Mac Won’t Turn On Issue

fix Mac Won't Turn On issue

Can’t switch on your Mac device? You might not have the time to fix it on your own. In that case, contact a professional MacBook repair Dubai service for a reliable solution. Otherwise, you must try the following simple methods to solve the issue:

1. Make sure it has sufficient power to work

First, you must make sure whether there’s any serious problem with your device. After all, its battery might drain out fast due to various reasons. And, that includes running programs that have high power requirements, such as online games. Otherwise, you might not have noticed that your Mac device’s battery is dead.

In any case, charging is the only way you can make sure whether that’s the issue. So, connect the charger immediately to your device. Also, you might have to wait for a while as your device won’t start immediately. It’ll do so only after gaining some power. But, you can at least check whether it’s charging. In case it isn’t, proceed with the next step right away.

2. Check the charger for any issues

If your device isn’t charging, there might be an issue with it. But, before that, you must check your charger for any problem. After all, that’s the culprit behind the issue in most cases. So, make sure that you’ve connected the charger properly to the power source. Apart from that, you can also make sure you’ve connected the cable properly to it.

In many cases, users find damage in various parts of their chargers. Moreover, you can’t always see these faults from the outside. So, how do you make sure whether that’s the case? You can simply borrow another charger from someone and try using it. If it works, then you need to replace your power supply unit.

But what if the other charger doesn’t work? In that case, there might be an issue with your device.

3. Power cycling

This method can help you when many others can’t. Moreover, it has proven to do so in quite a lot of cases. So, you surely shouldn’t give up before applying this solution to your device. Now, the procedure for this method differs a little based on the model that you’re using.

  • For MacBooks with removable battery

This method is the easiest to apply when your device has a removable battery. You simply need to remove the battery and then keep it aside for about 15 seconds. Also, disconnect the device from the charger when you perform this procedure. After waiting for the time mentioned above, put the battery back into your MacBook. Then, press the power button and see if it starts.

For macbook air won’t turn on issue you can check some of the best youtube tutorials for more information if you are good with hardware stuff.

  • For MacBook models that don’t have a removable battery

With the charger disconnected, press the power button and hold it down for 15 seconds. This initiates a restart in your device. If you’ve fixed the issue, your device should now start in the usual way.

For example like, macbook pro that won’t turn on issue, you should check the apple support forum or their team immediately.

  • For desktop Mac devices

Since we’re talking about Mac devices in general, we must consider desktops as well. Now, this method works a little differently for them. You have to unplug the power cable for about 15 seconds and then reconnect it. Hopefully, the device will start without any issues this time.

4. Look for issues with the display

Do you get the signs that your Mac has started but doesn’t show anything on the screen? In that case, you’ll likely have to deal with a faulty display. However, you can’t be sure about that unless you check whether that’s the case. Can you hear any sound from your device? If yes, then that probably indicates an issue with the display.

To double-check on the issue, simply restart your device. If you hear the startup sound, then you might want to reach out to a professional. After all, you can’t repair or replace the display on your own without the necessary skills. 

  • Make sure you haven’t reduced the screen brightness

There isn’t necessarily a problem with your display if your device doesn’t start. You must not overrule the possibility that you’ve set the brightness too low. After all, when you do that, your display might look like it isn’t showing anything. So, check whether you can increase the brightness.

Technical Ways To Fix Mac Won’t Turn on Problem

Sometimes, as mentioned before, your Mac might start but fail to boot. Many users face this problem with their devices. So, we must take this issue into account as well. Here are some ways you can fix it if it shows up on your device:

fix Mac Won't Turn On issue

1. Check for corruption in the drive

Among other things, a failure in the display might indicate an issue with the system drive. So, you must make sure whether that’s the case first. Now, you can’t do that in the usual way as you can’t access your system. Moreover, you need to restart your device in Recovery Mode. And, for that, restart your Mac and hold the Command and R keys simultaneously.

When it goes to Recovery Mode, look for Disk Utility in the Utilities section. Then, select your device’s system drive and opt for verifying it. This will initiate a process where it’ll detect all the issues within the drive. If it finds any, you can opt for repairing it right away. Wait until the process completes, and then power on your device.

2. Check whether third-party software causes the issue

You probably have many third party software installed on your device. In that case, any of them might cause various types of issues with your device. That includes the problem with starting up. So, you must make sure whether that’s the case. Also, you must remove problematic programs from your device as soon as possible.

Now, you can’t do that directly as the system is inaccessible right now. So, you must start your Mac in Safe Mode and hold Shift. Do you still face issues in accessing your system? If not, that means one of the third-party apps is behind the problem. Thus, you must remove the applications that you find suspicious among them.

Once you’re done, restart your device, and it should boot the system this time.


What To Do If You Can’t Fix Macbook Won’t Turn On Problem?

Usually, the solutions mentioned above should help you solve the issue. In case they don’t, as it happens in many cases, you must reinstall your device’s system. And, for that, you must switch to Recovery Mode once again. Apart from that, you must also consider reaching out to a professional for a permanent solution.

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