How to filter data in Excel

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When you work with mountains of Excel data, you will eventually need to find information that meets certain criteria. Whether you want to narrow down categories or compare specific sales, you’ll need to learn how to filter in Excel.

Filtering is one of the easiest tasks you can learn in Excel, and it can also be a huge time saver. Check out some of the steps below to get started.

How to filter in Excel:

1. Click on any cell within a dataset.

2. Go up to the Data tab and find the Sort & Filter group. Now click on Filter. You should now see arrows appearing at the top of each column.

como filtrar datos en excel paso a paso 2

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3. Select the arrow next to the title you want to filter. Once the menu opens, click Select All to clear the boxes, and then click one of the options. In our example, we chose “complete office course” from the data returned in Google Search Console in one of our recent projects.

data filter in excel

4. Click OK and now you will only see the data associated with that query in our Excel data table.

how to filter data in excel step by step (1)

Using our example, you can go further and filter the data as you see fit. You just have to follow the same steps as in the previous example. If you want to unfilter your cells, you can go back to the Data tab and find the Sort & Filter group. Now click delete and all your data should be back like the image below.

What else can I learn?

Filtering is a skill that often comes in handy after you’ve learned a few other basic Excel skills. If you’re ready to step up your skills, a little training can go a long way. You can delve into useful formulas and functions and advance to more complicated topics like pivot tables and VBA as well. Excel is an essential and very versatile tool suite, by mastering it you will have vast advantages over those who have not yet done so.

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