Facebook has evolved at a remarkable rate and has exceeded all other sites to become the biggest social networking site online. Video and photo sharing are among the most critical aspects of social networking sites and their continued growth. But there are also people who do not know How to Download Private Facebook Videos without any struggle.

It’s not uncommon to see videos and pictures on Facebook that get a lot of coverage. It’s hard videos from YouTube and Google-owned YouTube when it comes to streaming content use.

There are more than 4 billion video watches on Facebook every day.

When you click through your Facebook newsfeed, you will find a Facebook post that captures your attention. You automatically take a screenshot, tag a friend or two, and wish you could save a copy to your computer. So for that reason, you’ll need a Facebook downloader program.

There are several reasons why people would choose to watch videos on Facebook. One might need to do this in their video ads, and another way to use it is to expose it to their friends and relatives. In addition, they may choose to store it locally on their computer without having the internet. So learning How to Download Private Facebook Videos is a useful skill for anyone.

Whatever else the cause, you ought to keep videos from Youtube. However, with too many different choices, one may get unsure about what is secure. You can use these private video downloader without any block or payment,

In order to encourage this, I have assembled a list of the most effective free video downloaders. You should remember that they are somewhat close in terms of what they can do. However, one can still have a back-up in case anything goes wrong.

Depending on your requirements, you can use any of the following tools on how to download private Facebook videos:

How to tell if it is a private video?

Facebook Private videos are those whose privacy is not set to “public” when someone uploads them. When you upload a video on Facebook, you can define who can see this, anyone (Public), friends, friends except some, or only you.

If you want to want Facebook video download online in high definition formats like 1080p, 720p…etc, these tools below have the feature for you to select when you put on the url.

Tools On How To Download Private Facebook Videos Online

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

1. Fbdownloader

The topic will continue by concentrating on the most popular tool. Rocking a catchy tag, fbdownloader.com is a dependable website for uploading Facebook images. This Facebook video downloader is ready to go, and doesn’t need anything other than your browser.

Download a video from Facebook by pasting the URL in the input area, clicking on the Go button, and uploading the video (in MP4 format).

The app lets users download videos of different quality. It also has its own standalone video downloader.

It can turn videos from Facebook into MP3 files, too.

In general, it is an easy and efficient method that gets the job done efficiently. It’s in our top list of best Facebook video downloader tools.

2. 4K Video Downloader

Released by 4K Download, a company specialized in free video grabber apps, 4k Video Downloader is a good scanning and uploading app.

The software actually runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. So you don’t have to go on search google for How to Download Private Facebook Videos every time you like a video.

The application can also import videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo and can also get videos from other websites.

Unlike current mainstream equipment, this app is capable of 3D and 360-degree viewing.

According to this source, 500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook daily

3. Savefrom.net

Thirdly, we will cover Savefrom.net – a website and browser plugin that helps you to save online videos for streaming at a later time. The Facebook framework functions like every other smartphone application platform.

There is an extension available known as “Savefrom.net Helper.” You can use it in almost any of the main browsers.

Finally, the tool supports various video formats of differing quality.

4. FBDOWN.net

FBDOWN.net is another easy to use application for uploading Facebook videos to your device.

All you really need to do is have a link to a video on Facebook and you’re good to go.

You can use FBDOWN.net anywhere by visiting our website or downloading the Facebook Down extension. With Chrome on Android or Windows, the process would probably be pretty fast.

To import Facebook videos in FBDown, follow these suggested steps:

  1.  In your tab, navigate to fbdown.net/private-downloader.php.
  2. Sign on to your Facebook account and open the page of the video you want to download.
  3. For Windows, click Ctrl + U to paste. If you’re using a PC, select control + alt + in. This shortcut will show you the source code for the web-web-page. page’s
  4. Refer to the original source code on FBDown.net.
  5. Click [Download].

(Note: You need to access the URL of the video. The mechanism would not work if you copy the source code from a profile page, a news stream, or some other Facebook page where you can see the video.)

However, if you’re using another browser, you may need to right-click on the download icon and pick “Save link as” to get the video.

5. GetfVid

GetfVid is an on-the-go best Facebook video download app on the market. However, this tool doesn’t allow users to download videos anonymously. To view the video, you will have to use the private downloader, located on this page.

The rest of the features remain the same, including the A/V system. The tool can be used on any browser. There’s also a Google Chrome browser update that allows for easier browsing.

6. BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader

A quick and easy to use Facebook video downloader, BitDownloader is coming up next. Besides Facebook, there are several apps that support websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Coub, and V Live.

The tool makes quick uploading and functions similarly to many other internet downloaders.

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

7. FB Video Saver

The Facebook Video Saver is an easy and secure way to download videos from Facebook.

In addition to some of the earlier resources mentioned, Facebook Video Saver helps users to download private videos from Facebook. What you need is the source code of the page in order to obtain complete access.

You can also use it to import live Facebook images, allowing you to automatically get the video you missed when the stream of the live video stops.

8. KeepVid

KeepVid is a software put out by iTubeGo . (a video downloader by itself, with an extensive list of features). KeepVid helps people to stream content from Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, and over 1,000 other platforms. This is one of the easiest software for download Facebook private videos on a PC.

The website is a stable multi-media platform, and there is no file size limit. We don’t currently have any browser extensions available. However, there is a small free trial available for the desktop edition.

9. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is predominantly popular for uploading YouTube files. Conversely, it also allows one to stream videos from Facebook (in addition to videos from several other websites).

The tool supports many file formats including MP4, MP3, and FLV. It is also used to transform video files, and of course…

ClipGrab is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Unfortunately, there are no apps compatible with the iPhone or iPad that allow video download directly to the user.

10.  Getfvideo.com

Getfbstuff.com is an app for uploading video clips from Facebook on all sorts of smartphones. As it is web-based, it supports Windows 10, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and other operating systems. Furthermore, you could use this to film private videos for shared consumption on Facebook.

And as Google stores videos internally on their servers, Facebook stores videos internally on their servers. It is not secret information. However, the link or URL that we see on Facebook is not the video’s original source, but rather an embedded video. That’s why you can’t quickly do this on Facebook.


With all the millions of videos uploaded every day, when your loved one uploaded their baby’s first walk or dog trick, you sure want to make it download and watch it forever without going back to Facebook every time. All these best video downloading tools are easy to access and download videos in few seconds.

Do you have any tips on Download Private Facebook Videos, comment below and help the readers. 🙂

By Geeke