The Ring Video Doorbell is the new way to help you create your smart house. In a world of fast-moving technologies, there are so many ways you can arm your home to defend yourself. It would be best if you switched the heat on the way home from vacation, make sure your lights are off, and so much more. Now, you can see who’s on your doorstep without having to be there and How do I connect my ring doorbell to WIFI, or How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell quickly.

Yeah, it fills the shoes of your average doorbell, but it incorporates a fantastic video intercom system that lets you chat with your guests from your mobile or tablet. Much of this can be achieved from home or anywhere because you are connected to the internet.

Ring Doorbell Camera systems come with helpful features, the app’s highly user friendly and Wi-Fi-friendly. This is How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell.

All About Ring Door Bell

Here are some of the best ring doorbell features you should know.

How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell?

HD camera: The camera helps you see any guest from the app, so you know who is coming and why. You should not have to think about seeing a late-night tourist armed with night vision.

Motion Detection: Your Ring Doorbell has built-in motion sensors to let you know if someone’s meandering on your house.

Two-way audio: Ring’s motto lets you feel protected and comfortable, “With Ring, you’re always home.” That wouldn’t be accurate without the audio capability. Not only can you see your visitors, but you can also chat with them using the Ring app.

Mobile Access: Add the app on your phone, and you’ll be able to connect with someone at your front door from anywhere.

Ring Doorbell Products:

Stats show that up to 55% is the figure that Ring reduces crime by, very much depending on location/neighborhood.

The first Wi-Fi experience with your Ring Doorbell system would not directly connect to your home network. When you start configuring it, the Configuration Mode first begins, asking you to update the software on your mobile computer.

Upon installing and setting up your account, it just needs the most simple information, and this does not need much longer, so the software attaches to the nearby Ring Doorbell unit.

Wait, how does the system connect to your network through Wi-Fi? Ring Doorbell is planning its own temporary WLAN network when in Configuration Mode. This is used to attach the Ring app to the computer, and it will also connect to a Wi-Fi network until it is complete.

Now you can connect to your home Wi-Fi and set up the settings, following the directions on your smartphone or tablet. The expected Wi-Fi network ceases communicating until this occurs and links to your chosen Wi-Fi network.

How to Setup Ring Doorbell?

How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell?

1. Forced the Setup Mode

Your Ring Doorbell cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi network without accessing the settings mode, which would effectively make it useless. You can be required to run the installation mode in certain instances.

Detach the faceplate from the unit, push and release the black button.

Note: You don’t keep it for too long. It’s critical. Now, uninstall the battery and load it. You could be patient for several hours.

Start the computer now to see if the Startup mode is included. You can do a hard reset if it doesn’t. Click and hold the black button for approximately 15 sec (or longer, if necessary). The Ring Doorbell should restart, and the system itself should enter the Startup Mode.

2. Wireless LAN shift

You might be able to function fine with your ring doorbell, but you may want to communicate with it if your Wi-Fi network goes down and you have a spare one. You may still get the router changed or relocated to a different home.

In any case, on your Ring Doorbell system, you should be able to change your Wi-Fi network. They haven’t made it very convenient, unfortunately. Although there are no controls to do it from the computer, the Ring app will have to be used. It’s a quick way, but not all gadgets work. Only open the ring screen, browse the cam, go to healthcare, and tap Change wireless networking network.

Pick the one you want to connect to from the list of networks. There will be a particular way of linking specific computers, called Wi-Fi. You will have to ‘push the orange button,’ which means you delete the Doorbell Ring from your wall after choosing this option.

There is a more manageable but not more main option if you don’t want to unscrew anything to get into the orange button. To fit your old router name or malfunctioning network, change your SSID name. This may not be the most advanced solution, but it is finished at least.

How to Troubleshoot your Ring Doorbell?

How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell?

It would be best to verify a variety of items to get to the bottom of your query. Try to restart the router first of all. Close it down, unplug all the wires, wait a couple of minutes, and plug it in again. Your router can work, but it can slow down overheating.

Next, Ring operates only for 2.4Ghz networks. The vast majority of Wi-Fi networks are 2.4Ghz, but it can still be investigated. You would have to buy another router and change your service if your Wi-Fi network is an exception.

You should search your Wi-Fi channel if your network runs at 2.4Ghz. Ring products do not operate on 11-12 channels for some reason, so the Wi-Fi network should be set to 1-11 channels.

For more troubleshooting, you should check the communication speed on your doorbell ring. This may be one of the first things you can do if your video quality is terrible or you are unable to communicate. Only visit the website for the speed test and click on “Start” on your computer.

If none of these options are helpful, please contact Ring’s technical support. The concern is most definitely the product itself, so a refund or brand-new Ring Doorbell equipment can be received.

How to Change Wi-Fi on Ring Doorbell?

Even if it is overly difficult to change the Wi-Fi network on Ring computers, their goods are charming, beyond the possible communication problems. You won’t have any Wi-Fi issues, and the system will connect effortlessly to your home network in a second.

Other Possible Reasons why Wi-Fi does not Link or Get Disconnected

  • Your name changed for the cellular network and/ or your password changed.
  • Your ring device cannot “find” the 5GHz network from a network of 2.4GHz because your device is not 5GHz compliant link to a network of 2.4 GHz in this case.
  • There are unique characters, or marks, such as a pound sign (#) or exclamation mark(!), in your WIFI network password. It would be best to change your password to remove the unique character for your Internet Service Provider.
  • It could have come loose wires. If the electricity is momentarily disconnected, look for snug sitting on all the cables that are leading into the system.
  • Search your box for your cutter. The fuse may have exploded, and the system needs to be reset at the interrupter.
  • If you have a gadget like a Floodlight Cam, a light switch, or a timer attached, make sure you set the button to “on,” and the timer works (make sure you double check it).

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