How Much Do Podcasters Make

All in all, with Google predicting 10 million monthly searches for “podcasts” by 2020, the interest in podcasts will undoubtedly continue to increase. Millions of people are now searching for more technical words such as “best podcasts” or “most famous podcasts” and “short podcasts” to uncover shows that might catch their fancy. So, as a tech enthusiast, you will surely want to know, how much do podcasters make? and why podcasting is the best way to find a new audience.

In March 2020, Edison Research announced that more than 14 million people had listened to a podcast in the previous year. More podcast viewing has occurred in the last four years than ever before.

Additional information shows the pattern of listening to podcasts being much more prevalent, particularly in the older demographic. In the 25-54 age range,

according to an October 2018 survey, 30% of Americans use podcasts monthly.

Additionally, the population of 55-year-plus age cohorts has seen a significant increase in their use of online audio content (rising from 33% in 2018 to 40% in 2019).

It is fair to conclude that podcasts are becoming more familiar with Google announcing over 10 million monthly searches per month.

Podcasts have risen in popularity so that people will listen on the go. When in the car, on the go, when eating, or when trying to catch up on sleep. There is no need to take anything with you, and it is an excellent way to learn with little effort.

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What is Podcasting Mean?

How Much Do Podcasters Make

A podcast is a text, audio, video, and/image podcast. It is essential to know what podcasts are before you can delve into them.

Simply put, a podcast is an online audio broadcast in a nutshell. People can easily put on a podcast to relax after a hectic day or to unwind. Those who listen to podcasts when multitasking has several other uses for podcasts, such as driving or working out, or doing housework.

A podcast does not have a visual aspect, unlike a blog post or film. If that’s the case, it’s easier to take in.

Why start a podcast?

Internet is full of answers and content in different formats. So, if you understand the value of creating content (e.g., blogging) for your business and brand, then you understand the value of podcasting. Creating a podcast allows you to find a new audience: people who don’t like your long-form content because they prefer the audio format. So podcasting has a great future!

How Much Do Podcasters Make?

How Much Do Podcasters Make

Someone who treats podcasting as a side project will ask how much money they will earn doing it. If we are honest, the majority of podcasts don’t make any money Surprised to hear that? Newbie podcasters expend resources on infrastructure before making some money. So, How Much Money Do Podcasters Make? Let’s find out below.

If you found a way to keep people’s interest, you might have discovered a goldmine. Bloomberg claims the top podcasts earn $1 million a year in sales! So growing your revenue streams are not only dependent on great content but also the number of listeners per month. 

Your podcasting’s success depends on the monetization model you use, on the number of listeners you have, and your conversion rate. Each method has its merit if you are in sponsorship, partner scheme, or operating your businesses.

Top Podcasters Earners of 2022

1. Smart Passive Income 

How Much Do Podcasters Make

Smart passive income means regular income that gets made passively. People with knowledge of passive income come in and tell other FSPs more about spending a life in pajamas. He discusses other podcasters, and he has affiliates on his podcasts.

An example of a high-profile affiliate podcast can be found here. The two podcasts together earn $100,000 a month from partner revenue.

2. Last Podcasts on the Left

There’s nothing more than enjoying a well-told horror story? This show aims to provide people with a format in which they can hear various horror tales. Either imaginary or non-fictional The community travels across the country to offer their followers regular live podcasts.

They are in the course of finishing their 500th film, where they can be seen on the topic of alien sex and birds of prey. And they have an appreciative audience of 11,346 horror fans. They don’t raise as much, but their income is about $55.80 per month and $67.80 per year due to their patrons.

3. The Joe Rogan Experience 

Joe Rogan is possibly the most popular of all podcast hosts, and his earnings compare favorably to the size of his fan base of 8.5 million fans.

You won’t forget anyone’s personal stories. Every week, Joe brings in personal heroes and inspirations to chat about their lives, projects, or fascinating people to talk about for the segment. He also met prominent business figures, including Elon Musk and Sam Harris.

About $75,000 per episode is what Joe Rogan makes per podcast. With a 3-episode-per-week schedule, this podcast brings in over $900,000 per month and over $10,800,000,000 in yearly revenue!

It’s no wonder he’s cashing in. He has more than 40 backers, including 23andMe, and Calm.

Joe Rogan recently signed a $100 million per year contract with Spotify. This accelerates his rise to the top of the podcaster heap much more.

4. Tiny Meat Gang 

Ex-internet video stars and YouTubers Ko and Noel met to create a podcast that made people laugh. Although their stories have little to do with real life, they reference various celebrities, masculinity, and political scandals.

Like the last podcast, this charismatic duo goes on tour to give live performances. Full houses are always seen on the travel timesheets. The Tiny Meat, which has 10,638 patrons, receives $51,199 per month in revenue and has an average monthly profit of $6,138.

5. The Ringer

How Much Do Podcasters Make

Are you passionate about sports, popular culture, and audio podcasts? This is where you can find the latest episodes of the ringer podcast. This podcast was created in 2013 by Bill Simmons in May of that year. He took other people who previously worked on Grantland with him. in this podcast. You can listen to commentary on the latest games and promotions with famous people.

The excitement generated by sports and pop culture seems never to wane. The Ringer is considered to be one of the most successful sports talk radio stations in the country. In 2018, Bill Simmons had revenue of $15 million.

6. Second Captain’s World Service 

Second Captain is now one of the most listened to podcasts in Ireland. To reiterate, it is a misnomer to think that podcasts are the domain of one creator or only run by one individual (except for Joe Rogan and Pat Flynn). This podcast allows them to focus on running a full-time podcast company while producing a new episode each week! They cover various subjects like politics, the press, as well as sports.

Podcasts are profit generators because they charge their listeners $5.55 a month for full access. They charge $7,283 a month and $758 a year for their subscription base of 11,383 customers.

7. Chapo Trapo House 

Chapo Trap House began in March of 2016 as a satirical political podcast. If it has four hosts, each of them has a well-known capacity for ‘laugh az off’ commentary. We depend on our patrons for revenue (fans who support their favorite podcasts).

Currently, the bank has 34,213 clients, each of whom is getting $153 a month. That’s $18,000 a month. Unfortunately, this podcast group’s benefit has to be shared amongst the members. Even if they earn over $460,000 a year, they’re doing just fine.

8. True Crime Obsessed 

It’s only natural to be curious about crime, and Patrick and Gillian are passionate about their investigation. It is a podcast dedicated to discussing the most horrific and chilling crimes. But it’s not as horrible as it seems at first glance.

Pat and Gillian’s fans and patrons now have 13,718. Though TCO’s revenue is not publicized, it is estimated that they bring about $1,200,000,000 per year.

9. Doughboys 

How Much Do Podcasters Make

You’re still hungry for food, and you can eat and laugh whenever you want, so what could be better? The two stand-up comedians, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review various fast food restaurants.

What they are excellent reviewers because each and none of their feedback was biased. And if it is free, customers are still not having it for free. They also compete over which chains, such as which has the best curly fries.

They currently serve 8,094 patrons. As this is a private company, it is assumed that they raise between $23,000 to $58,000 per month. Granola and quinoa enthusiasts aren’t exactly the kind to eat at fast-food restaurants.

10. The Dave Ramsey Show

Popularly known as the finance guru, Dave Ramsey is a businessman and financial expert who provides financial and budgeting tips on his show. His podcast style permits calls-in, though, has not dampened the revenue’s coming in.

He has almost 13 million followers a week and has over 600 radio stations. It is not necessary to be a newbie to benefit from podcasting. His earnings yearly are about $10 million.

Tips on How To Make Money From Podcast

Learning How Much Do Podcasters Make will give a motivation to start your own podcast someday, so here are tips you will need to do that.

How Much Do Podcasters Make

1. Affiliate Marketing / Popular Advertising Networks

One of the most knows making money online is Affiliate networks like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, Shareasale, Awin, and Partnerstack. So use your podcast to sell these affiliate products and ask people to check it.

Earning from affiliates is depend on your number listeners per month and a great content delivery to multiple platforms. So if you are staring your podcast in 2022, affiliate incomes are your primary source to get started.

2. Sponsors & Advertising

Sponsorships are probably the first things you should check of when looking for ways to make money from podcasting. There are several different ways you can make money, but podcast ad networks that can connect you with advertisers and help your earn more.

3. Complementary products

Offer your own products as complementary to the listners. Like selling, Tshirts, equipements, custom badges, and books. These will get you unique selling proposition opportunity in this crowded market, and bring some loyal listners in the longterm.

4. Courses

Most popular podcasters offer their own courses to their listeners and make money from them. Online courses are grown so much after the COVID situation, people learning from anywhere. So, how much does a podcast makes will depend on your talent and sales expertise in this way.

So using this opportunity, you can use course selling platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and your own website to sell your online classes for good price.

5. Services

Offer your services to your listners. If you are a blogger, offer them to help with grow their blog with your strategic service. If you are good at web development, offer your web design service to your readers and earn from it. Simple and low investment opportunity.

6. Merchandise & Services

Use print on demad services, and other dropshipping services to offer people to get the products.

7. Coaching & Consulting

Provide coaching classes online, via slack, or Skype. People need improvement in thier life, if you are a finance genius, offer people to how to improve their financial success. This is one of the best way to make money from podcasting in 2022.

8. Crowdfunding & Donations

Ask for donation, tips or try crowdfunding platfomrs to raise money for your podcast. People really love those who passionate about their products / services, so trust to make a great content and offer in these crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.

9. Premium Content

Most know and straightforward to make money from podcasting, offering extra audio clips and premium sources for those paid will be helpful grow your podcast. A lot of popular podcasts go for this one to keep their earning inside, instead of depend on outside networks.

Loved our How Much Do Podcasters Make list, did we missed something, do let us know your favourite podcaster in the comment section below and give our readers tips to make money from podcasting.

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