Home Tester seeks testers for mascaras and more

If you use regularly mascara to highlight your look, this new campaign of Home Tester Club is perfect for you and you are probably a good candidate.

In the currently active campaign, they are looking for people who regularly wear mascara and who want to try the campaign brand.

If you are chosen, you will probably have to share your opinion on the mascara.

If you are not yet registered as a member of the Home Tester Club, register now.

If you don’t qualify as a candidate for the mascara campaign, you may qualify for the dog food and spending campaigns that are also currently active.

How do I sign up for the Home Tester Club campaign?

It is necessary to be registered in the web of «Home Testing Club».If you are already registered, log in with your username.If you are not yet, register for free right away.Choose the product you want to try.Fill in the form about mascaras and their consumption habits.

sign me up

If you are selected, they will contact you shortly.

Remember that in addition to the mascara campaign, the dog food and cat food campaigns are still active.

Sign up right now and start testing the products of your choice for free!

Go for it!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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