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The 55-inch Samsung Crystal UHD Smart TV costs only 479.99 euros.

It is being celebrated Prime Day en Amazon, a day full of very interesting offers in technology and many selected products. The only condition is to be Amazon Prime service subscriber and you can enjoy these discounts. The 55-inch Samsung Crystal UHD TV it costs 479.99 euros right now with a discount of 13%, which represents a saving of 69.02 euros compared to your lowest price. However, it is a television that has exceeded 580 euros in recent months.

This means that you can save more than 100 euros on a state-of-the-art television. Thanks to Prime Day this Smart TV is cheaper than ever, at least until October 12, when the promotion will end. Have a 4K television It is essential to watch movies, but above all to get the most out of new generation consoles with more realistic graphics. It is not the first time that we recommend the best 4k tvs for gaming and now you can add this tempting Prime Day deal.

Samsung TV Crystal UHD 2022 55BU8000

The Samsung Crystal UHD Smart TV costs less than 500 euros on Prime Day

Samsung 55BU8000 TV

This Samsung TV has 4K UHD resolution and 55 inches

It’s about a current 2022 model that stands out for its design and image quality. The Samsung TV has a powerful Crystal UHD processor that offers over 1 billion colors thanks to the crystalline nanoparticles of the screen. This allows to maintain the purity of each image and an improved contrast with the HDR10+ technology which offers deeper blacks. Plus, it optimizes any image for achieve 4K resolutionimproving color and dynamic range.

On the other hand, it has Q Symphony technology which allows the TV speakers and the soundbar to work simultaneously for an effect of surround sound. This sound adapts to the action in real time with an AI that detects variations in each scene. Also has Motion Xcelerator that optimizes motion scenes, especially in video games to have a seamless experience.

Samsung TV Crystal UHD 2022 55BU8000

As you can see, it is a television with good performance and better ratings with the quality that Samsung offers. The 55-inch Samsung Crystal UHD Smart TV now costs only 479.99 euros on Amazon, a Prime Day deal with which you will save more than 100 euros compared to its original price. don’t miss the best prime day deals day 1.

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