Has the standing desk changed my life? I tell you my experience with the Flexispot

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Standing desks or height-adjustable desks are in fashion, that’s right. What is special about these tables that go up and down? How can they affect day-to-day working from home? Is it worth buying one?

From all this, from my humble opinion, I talk to you in this episode of the podcast. I make an assessment after 9 months of using the Flexispot desktop.

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The Flexispot desk, a standing desk with good value for money

To be honest, I bought this table because I fell in love with it. If I am looking for some rational argument, I have to say that I spend many hours sitting in front of the computer (too many) and on top of that working at home.

In a very small house. I’m not in an office that allows me to get up to go to the bathroom, go out for a coffee or just go to a colleague’s table to chat for a while.

For this reason, and for body mobility issueI decided to invest in a desk that would adjust to different heights.

We already spend a lot of time working from home or with a screen, why not alternate the position so that the spine and lower back rest and move?

A standing desk is ideal for this as allows you to work both standing and sitting and thus vary your body posture.

Let’s face it, these desks are not cheap. When looking for a good quality option at a “decent” price, I found Flexispot on Amazon. It had good reviews and is a fairly well-known brand in this sector, so that’s why I decided to buy the EF1 model.

In addition, the Flexispot brand is specialized in this type of office furniture. In fact, they have products as crazy as a bike with a desk to pedal and work at the same time. I leave you a picture :0

Some features:

It integrates a single motor (there are some tables with two motors too) The height adjustment of this standing desk can reach from 72 cm to 120 cm. Frame width is extendable between 85 cm to 129 cm. This allows it to fit most sizes of table tops. I bought the frame separately at Leroy Merlin for around 20 euros but there are official boards of the Flexispot brand like this one. My table in particular has the dimensions of 120 cm long by 70 cm wide, but the table supports up to 160 cm long and 80 cm wide. Hold up to 70kg weight. As for the noise of the engine, the truth is that it is quite quiet.

memory locations

Something to mention are the four memory locations which enables. It has a control panel that you can place on the side of the table you prefer to be able to raise or lower the table.

standing desk position memory buttons

In addition, this particular model has four numbers that can be set to record a specific position.

For example, I have 1 for when I am sitting and 2 for when I am standing.

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How do I use the Flexispot desk to work?

In particular, I don’t know if I use it optimally since, truth be told, many times I forget that you can change position 😅

What is certain is that I have certain tasks associated with performing them standing.

For example, I always record the podcast standing up and I start the day checking the mail also in that position.

After about 15 minutes I sit down because my lower back begins to load and it is not a plan to injure myself when I bought it to have some mobility.

I bought one foot mat that is ergonomic anti-fatigue and I use it sometimes. The bad thing is that the space I have is quite small and it does not fit me very well since this mat is quite large.

The good thing is that it is softer than the shoes which allows the position to be more comfortable and last longer standing.

anti-fatigue mat

This is the use that I give to the desk, I don’t know if I could get more out of it but I can say that I feel comfortable having the option of being able to have that freedom and not be with boxes or many books to raise the screen and keyboard.

Is it worth buying the Flexispot standing?

Personally, I do recommend it because it is a fairly stable structure, much more so than the typical Ikea desks. I expect this desk to last me many years so I’m sure to write it off.

Now, there are cheaper and more affordable options to try if standing is your thing. There are workstations or workstations that support the computer and are easily raised to have it at the height we want.

Here are some options you can find on Amazon:

And here is this review. I hope it has been useful to you if you are looking for such a solution for your workspace. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.

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