Hankook raffles 11 tickets to the UEFA final and more

Participate in the draw for Hankook to win one of 88 tickets to the knockout stage or one of 11 tickets to travel to the UEFA Europa League or Europa Conference League final.

The knockout phase is approaching and of course the final of the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa Conference League.

And you will be able to witness a match of the knockout phase with a ticket premium double.

But if there is more luck you can win a ticket + journey and accommodation to live up close the emotion of any of the two finals that you select.

Different will be raffled awards Distributed in:

Prizes of the day- 88 premium double tickets for the knockout phase.

Season Prizes- 11 individual tickets to the final with travel and accommodation paid.

How do I enter the Hankook giveaway?

Enter Hankook UEFA Final DrawAnswer the challenge questionSelect the final you would like to attendComplete the form


Participate until April 10th.

Good luck!

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