Giveaway of 10 Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive packs

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Comment on any of the products Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive participants and you can win one of the 10 packs that they give away

The Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive range of products for men’s facial care is clinically tested for men of sensitive skin.

Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive Shaving Mousse protects, soothes and refreshes the skin during shaving.

Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive Shaving cream forms a light layer for advanced slip control.

Gillette Skin Moisturizer Facial strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and helps combat tightness and dryness.

Gillette Skin Balm After Shave is a gel that protects, relieves and refreshes the face during beard shaving.

Gillette Skin Balm After Shave moisturizes and soothes freshly shaved skin, eliminating post-shave irritation, dryness and burning.

Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive Shaving Mousse It transforms into an ultra-soft foam that creates a comfortable barrier between the skin and the shaver, improving its glide.

How do I enter the Próxima a Ti and Gillette sweepstakes?

Access the “Think Contest and you can win a Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive pack”It is necessary to be registered in Próxima a ti (you can do it for free at the same time you participate). Leave a comment and an evaluation of any of the following Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive products:Gillette Skin AfterShave Balm, Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive Shaving Cream , Gillette Skin Facial Moisturizer, Gillette Skin After Shave Balm, Gillette Skin Ultra Sensitive Shaving Mousse.

Take part

You can participate until May 26 of 2022.

The most practical, useful comments for consumers and in line with the brand will be chosen as the winners.

Good luck!

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