Giveaway of 1 freeel electric bike

Participate in this raffle Gvtarra in which 1 incredible is distributed electric bicycle valued at more than €1,000.

To do this you only have to fill out a form. as simple as they are salads of this brand.

Which you can always find well preserved in a transparent glass jar so you can use them whenever you need a dish healthy, fresh and fast.

From the vegetable plot to your home, using the most traditional conservation techniques and with delicious combinations that are already seasoned.

So if you also like simple things, take part in this draw in which is distributed:

1 brand electric bike freeel to choose the color between yellow, oceanic, white or matte black.

How do I participate in the Gvtarra draw?

Take part

You can participate before August 31 of 2022.

Between 1 and September 15 From 2022 the draw will be held, 1 winner will be chosen and will be contacted via email.

If they send it to you, you will have to respond and accept your prize.

Good luck!

You can check the legal bases in this link.

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