Gallardo met a journalist and assured: "Boca takes too much prize"

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River lost the Superclásico 1-0 against Boca at the Monumental. After the match, Marcelo Gallardo analyzed the team’s performance and referred to the error by Leandro González Pires that led to Sebastián Villa’s goal for the Xeneize victory.

“There is the disappointment of losing a game that at times we control. He missed the goal. Our posture of playing in Boca’s field was seen, covering their exits. We were a dangerous team when we had the ball and we generated, but we couldn’t convert. In the second half we went out to play in the same way, but their goal changed the game and we no longer had the same freshness,” Muñeco said at a press conference.

And he added: “Boca grew up there, it gave him confidence and he defended well. Their goalkeeper responded well in the ones we had. They take too much prize in a close game, games are won with goals and they did it through our mistake. It was too much prize”. In addition, the Millionaire coach remarked that Boca “is a rival of hierarchy and if the minutes are analyzed until they scored the goal, we were superior”.

On the other hand, Gallardo admitted having made a mistake in the approach based on Boca’s last match (against Students). “The rival showed a different face than in the last game and maybe I was wrong. We could not be effective in the good we had done. After the goal we got confused, but since the game I’m calm. We continue to show that our idea will prevail through the result.”

Tense moment before a journalist’s question

In the middle of the press conference, a journalist referred to widespread criticism against González Pires and Gallardo crossed it: “You have to remain calm. These situations don’t confuse me, in the face of an adverse result, calm down. I defend my players and even more so in the event of an error, I am sure and convinced of what we are doing”.

At the insistence of the chronicler, who was looking for a way to reformulate the question, the coach asked for “serenity” again and sentenced: “I am not going to give you the pleasure of criticizing a player. And in the most mistake, and when we lose even more so. I am sure and convinced of what we are doing”.

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