fuses unlimited

Fuses Unlimited is a manufacturer of circuit protection devices. Its range of products includes components for overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Its mission is to provide customers with the best possible solutions for all their electrical needs. This goal is accomplished through the development of innovative products and services. The company’s products are designed to provide superior performance and long-lasting dependability.

Circuit protection products

Fuses Unlimited offers circuit protection products to a variety of markets. Their product line includes circuit breakers, fuses, and other overcurrent components. In addition, they offer switches, indicators, power cords, and more.

Overcurrent and overvoltage protection devices

Fuses Unlimited provides a wide range of overcurrent and overvoltage protection devices. Its product line includes fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers, and multilayer varistors. Additionally, it offers a large array of overcurrent components, such as TVS diodes and electrostatic discharge suppressors.

Semiconductor fuses

Semiconductor fuses are used in a variety of electronic applications. These fuses are designed to protect circuit components from overcurrent and overvoltage hazards. Fuses Unlimited carries a wide selection of these devices and can help you protect your electronics.

Metal oxide varistors

Fuse Unlimited offers various types of metal oxide varistors that can protect against a wide range of voltage and current levels. Its products are designed for industrial, commercial, and industrial-related applications. In addition to surface-mount devices, the company also provides multilayer varistors, which are suited for control lines, power supplies, and signal lines. These devices are available in sizes that range from seven to fourteen millimeters. The company offers these devices in primary, secondary, and three-phase protection. Several of its products are RoHS compliant.

EMI/RFI filters

EMI/RFI filters with fuses are devices that eliminate electromagnetic interferences. The frequency range is very wide, which means that they can be used in a wide variety of applications. This type of filter is especially useful in digital applications, such as computers and printers. They also have an in-built two-pole switch for safety.

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are a great way to connect wires together without splicing. They come in a wide variety of styles and can be single or double-row. Some blocks have distribution capabilities, which eliminate the need to wire every device back to the power source. These blocks use a larger wire on the input side, and smaller wires on the output side.


Fuses Unlimited offers a variety of circuit protection devices including overcurrent, overvoltage and discrete transient voltage suppression diodes. Its extensive product line also includes gas discharge tubes.


Fuse unlimited indicators are useful tools for identifying blown fuses. They come in different shapes and sizes and have different functions, such as indicating a blown fuse and setting a safe level of current for a circuit. You can also purchase a special finger safe, which saves space.

Surge suppressors & arresters

Surge suppressors and arresters are used to protect against electrical surges in electrical circuits. They can be used in a variety of applications, including automobiles, aircraft, and the electric & electronic industries.

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