Free samples of WiPPExpressDiscs Madrid and Barcelona

A new campaign Samplia is active and in it you can go to collect, before they run out, the 4 in 1 capsules of Wipp Express.

Discover the effective formula of WiPP Express Discs for deep cleaning, providing luminosity and lasting freshness to your clothes.

Wipp Express DISCS is a detergent in capsules that it has 4 cameras with 4 benefits: stain removal power, long-lasting perfume, radiant luminosity and fiber protection.

Its formula with technology Deep cleaning Plus, it penetrates the textile fibers eliminating the most difficult stains.

his intense fragrance Penetrates clothes leaving a lasting freshness so they always smell freshly washed.

The exact dose of detergent to put in the drum in each wash.

Wipp Express DISCS samples are available on all Samplia machines.

How do I get the free Wipp Express sample with Samplia?

Download the Samplia App at Android and in iOS.Register or log in to the Samplia applicationCheck this promotion in the App and go to 1 promotional machineAdd the number on the outside of the machine in the application.Pick up the product for free at the machines.

Get Sample

Hurry before the campaign ends, which could probably be around June 28, 2022 or even sooner.

Remember that after trying this product, you will have to leave your opinion in the Samplia app.

You can see the announcement of this promotion on the Instagram of @samplia_media.

Hurry to pick it up before they run out!

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(Click on the category if you want to see more promotions of this type) Gift: WiPPExpressDiscs free samples Link:Free samples of WiPPExpressDiscs at Samplia Mechanics: Open the Samplia App, go to a Samplia machine and put its code in the app to release the product Bases not found Time: 90 minutes

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