Free samples of Noray Cosmetics

There is an advertisement going around on Facebook where you can order free samples of creams Noray Cosmetics.

Important: The promotion is a public announcement, that is, some people get the button to request samples activated from this link. But not others. If she doesn’t work out for you, keep reading.

As always when it comes to an advertisement, we cannot give you a direct link. But if you interact with the brand on networks, you will have more chances that it will come out.

Follow the steps below so you can try this brand’s complete and natural routine for free.

We don’t know exactly what samples you can play but in the promotional video of this campaign we see the cream of:

Make-up remover balmAnti-wrinkle eye contourEnergizing day creamRecovery night cream

How do I get a free sample of Noray cosmetics?

First test if it lets you order the sample from this link. If it doesn’t let you try the following steps.Follow the profile of @noraycosmetics on Facebook or InstagramGive ‘like’ to their latest publicationsShare and comment on the ones that interest you the mostVisit also the website of Noray Cosmetics

Get Sample

Try to interact and check your Facebook throughout the day until the ad appears.

If you see it, don’t hesitate and click ‘Get Sample’

Good luck!

Note: I leave an estimated end date of promotion, below, to follow up.

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