Free Samples of Muglers Angel EDP Fragrance

Fill out a simple form and if you are among the first you will receive a free sample of the fragrance Mugler’s Angel.

Angel EDP by Mugler is an intense fragrance from the Amber Vanilla olfactory family for Women that combines the power of patchouli with the sensuality of the notes of praline, red berries and vanilla absolute.

A fragrance in which the sweet notes leave a gourmand and enveloping trail that surprises and enchants.

The bottle that contains it in the shape of a bright star symbolizes a very valuable jewel that can be filled forever, thus betting on sustainability and the future.

How do I get a free Mugler sample?

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If you are among the first requests you will receive a free sample in your home for the next few weeks or months.

Note: I leave an estimated end date of the promotion, below, to track it.

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